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Ice Beast Zerofyne

June 14th, 2013

If you’re playing with a Blackwing or Harpie Deck, make room in your Extra Deck for Ice Beast Zerofyne! Zerofyne is a Rank 4 Xyz Monster from Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy that can be Summoned by combining 2 Level 4 Winged Beasts. When you’re getting overwhelmed by powerful card effects, Ice Beast Zerofyne will level the field by negating every face-up card your opponent controls and increasing its own Attack Points to incredible heights!


In Blackwing Decks, there are some easy ways to get 2 Level 4 Winged Beasts on the field and Summon Ice Beast Zerofyne. Blackwings like to travel in a flock, so many of them can be Special Summoned to the field while you already control a Blackwing monster. Special Summon the Level 4 Blackwing – Bora the Spear while you already control another Level 4 Blackwing like Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame, and you’ll be all set to Xyz Summon Zerofyne.

If you’re using Level 4 Blackwings with less than 1500 ATK, such as Blackwing – Kochi the Daybreak or Blackwing – Calima the Haze, you can Special Summon those monsters from your Deck with the effect of Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame whenever Shura destroys a monster in battle and sends it to the Graveyard. That’ll set you up for an instant Rank 4 Xyz Summon with 2 Winged Beasts, enabling you to Summon Ice Beast Zerofyne.

In a Harpie Deck, it’s just as easy to Summon Ice Beast Zerofyne. All of the Harpie Lady monsters are Level 4 Winged Beast monsters. That means you can combine any 2 of them to Xyz Summon Zerofyne. Use Harpie Channeler’s effect to discard a Harpie card and Special Summon a Harpie Lady or Harpie Queen from your Deck. Then you can combine your monsters to instantly Xyz Summon Zerofyne!

Harpie Duelists can also use Hysteric Party to Special Summon multiple Harpie Lady cards from their Graveyard and quickly Xyz Summon Zerofyne.

Once you Summon Zerofyne, you can use it to handle just about anything your opponent throws at you. By detaching an Xyz Material from it, you can negate the effect of all face-up cards your opponent controls. This means that if your opponent has effects that are holding you back, such as Number 39: Utopia’s attack negation, Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack’s self-protection, or Messenger of Peace’s attack prevention, Zerofyne can negate all of that. Plus, if you want to negate the effects of cards that your opponent may be planning to use on his or her next turn, such as the effects of Number 11: Big Eye or High Priestess of Prophecy, you can negate those with Zerofyne too, since Zerofyne’s negation lasts until your next Standby Phase.

In addition to negating the effects of your opponent’s cards, Zerofyne gains 300 ATK for every other face-up card on the field, including your own, when you activate its effect! Say your opponent has Dracossack and 2 Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens. Zerofyne becomes 2900 and Dracossack’s protection is negated, letting you defeat it in battle!

Ice Beast Zerofyne gives Winged Beast Duelists a way to negate their opponents’ cards while keeping a monster with high Attack Points on the field. When your high-flyin’ Winged Beasts are in trouble, use Zerofyne to retaliate and turn a Duel around!