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Countdown to Number Hunters: Number Wall

July 8th, 2013

Number Hunters hits this week, and when it does, Number Wall is sure to be one of the most talked about cards by TV fans! In the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL TV series, Number monsters are much more powerful than your average Xyz Monster. Due to their alien origin, they can’t be destroyed in battle except by another Number monster! Number monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME normally don’t have this ability, but with Number Wall in play your Number monsters will have this ability and more!


Number Wall is a Continuous Trap Card that protects all of your Number monsters from being destroyed! This includes being destroyed by battle and being destroyed by any card effects. Number Wall doesn’t protect your Number monsters from being destroyed in battle by other Numbers, which is just how they work in the TV series. If you’ve ever wanted your Number monsters to be as strong as they are in the TV series, then Number Wall is the card for you.

Number Wall is great for when you need to keep monsters in the field. Combined with any Number monster, you can guarantee that you’ll be safe from your opponent. High ATK Number monsters like Number 11: Big Eye and Number 32: Shark Drake can protect your Life Points and deal damage without your opponent being able to do anything about it. There are also few Number monsters with low stats, but great effects. Number Wall also has a really cool interaction with Number 39: Utopia, too. Utopia is great at negating attacks, but with no Xyz Materials it’ll be destroyed whenever your opponent attacks it. With Number Wall on the field, Utopia can’t destroy itself with its own effect, allowing you to keep him on the field for as long as Number Wall is in play or until you upgrade him into a Number C monster!

Number Hunters also has tons of new Number monsters which you can use with Number Wall! Number 44: Sky Pegasus can destroy monsters or force your opponent to pay Life Points, but with only 1800 ATK it’s vulnerable to destruction in battle. Number Wall lets you keep it safe, so that you can use both of its Xyz Materials and break up your opponent’s field or chip away at their Life Points! Number 54: Lion Heart is another great choice to protect with Number Wall. Lion Heart can’t be destroyed by battle by anything while he’s in Attack Position, even if they’re a Number monster, which means that he can’t be destroyed at all with Number Wall in play! In addition, your opponent takes damage every time they battle against it, either by inflicting damage after you take damage, or by redirecting the damage you would have taken!

Number Wall allows your Number monsters to become nearly indestructible, turning your them into some of the strongest monsters around. If you’ve wanted to wield the power of the Number monsters as shown in the TV series, then Number Wall is definitely the card for you! Number Wall along with lots of new Number Monsters, can be found in Number Hunters, which hits shelves on July 12.