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Judgment of the Light: What other cards will help my Bujin Deck?

July 19th, 2013

If you’ve been following the discussion so far, you know the basics of the new Bujin strategy, and you understand the huge power of their combo machine boss monster, Bujintei Susanowo. Today we’re going to switch things up a bit and talk about some non-monster cards you can use to power up your Bujin deck. Let’s start with Bujin Regalia – The Sword.


Bujin Regalia has two effects: you can either target a Bujin in your Graveyard and add it to your hand, or target a banished Bujin monster and return it to your Graveyard. There are tons of ways to play it:

-Get back Bujin Yamato so you can Summon it again.

-Grab Bujingi Crane to reuse its ATK-doubling ability.

-Return Bujingi Quilin to your Graveyard to destroy a card.

-Reuse Bujingi Turtle’s protection ability.

Those first three are the big ones: Bujin Regalia either keeps your strategy on track by bringing back a fallen Yamato; doubles as Honest thanks to Bujingi Crane; or turns into instant destruction with Bujingi Quilin. It’s a hugely flexible card. The best way to use it is to bluff it as a defensive trap: if you can get your opponent to target Bujin Regalia with a destruction effect, you can Chain it and waste your opponent’s card.


Some of the best cards for Bujins have been around for a while! Fire Formation – Tenki lets you search out Bujin Yamato, so you can get to it reliably. It also powers up Yamato’s ATK and boosts Bujintei Susanowo. Since all the Bujins are LIGHT monsters you can use Honest to help them win battles, too – it doesn’t have all the combo tricks Bujingi Crane offers, but it works for the entire turn. And lastly, Horn of the Phantom Beast gives you a valuable battle pump that draws you more cards the longer you protect your monster. Since Horn powers up a Beast or Beast-Warrior-Type, it works with almost all of your Bujins.

Honest and Horn of the Phantom Beast are especially brutal when you play them with Bujintei Susanowo. Since Susanowo can attack every monster your opponent controls, you can draw card after card with Horn. Or attack your opponent’s biggest monster first and activate Honest’s effect to boost Susanowo by that monster’s ATK. Since the ATK bonus stays around until your End Phase, you’ll dish out some serious damage if your opponent left weaker monsters in Attack Position.


With a big focus on keeping one monster on the field at all times, Special Summon effects are really important. All three of these cards can bring back Bujin Yamato when it’s destroyed: Monster Reborn is fast and easy; Call of the Haunted bluffs as a defensive card; and Pinpoint Guard really shines here, since it can Special Summon a Bujin and defend your Life Points by keeping that Bujin alive.

If you want to go a little more high-risk high-reward, you can run Xyz Reborn to bring back Bujintei Susanowo. Since Xyz Reborn attaches to Susanowo as an Xyz Material, you can revive Susanowo and then instantly use its search effect to get a free card. Reborn also works well with other Xyz Monsters you’d want to play, like Diamond Dire Wolf and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King.

With Bujincarnation and cards like these, there’s tons of Special Summoning power to keep you on the field. Set up with Bujin Yamato and once you get going with Bujintei Susanowo the key to your success is to keep making free searches, and using free destruction effects to clear the way for your direct attacks. With the right combos it’s easy to steal Duels. Try it out for yourself on August 3rd and 4th when you’ll get your first hands-on look at Bujins at the Judgment of the Light Sneak Peek weekend!

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