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Decks We Can’t Wait To Play! – Madolche

September 4th, 2013

Editor’s Note: All of our writers were thrilled when the new Forbidden & Limited Cards List was revealed and couldn’t wait to start building and trying out new Decks. So we asked each of them to write about what Decks and strategies they were personally excited to play with after September 1st!

I’ve been excited about Madolches ever since I laid eyes on them, and I’m not just saying that because I’m really hungry while writing this. No, really, the Madolche monsters are a very interesting bunch, capable of doing some things no other Deck can. They’ve been gaining popularity since their release in Return of the Duelist, and now is a great time to give them a taste- er, try. Here’s why I can’t wait to get out there with my Madolche Deck.

Gadgets can only dream


Madolche Magileine is what the Gadget monsters wish they could be. While the Gadgets replace themselves with new Gadgets each time they’re Summoned, they’re are all pretty weak and you’ll eventually run out of them. Plus, drawing multiple Gadgets is rarely a good thing. Magileine fixes all of those problems alone! She packs 1400 ATK, and jumps up to 1900 with Madolche Chateau in play. Since she returns to the Deck when destroyed, you won’t be running out of Magileines to search out. If you’ve drawn multiple copies or they keep on returning to your hand, you can simply search out a different Madolche.

Hootcake is not just for making pancake jokes…


…though not for lack of trying on my part. Hootcake is really, really good. When a card lets you get basically any monster you want from your Deck, it’s something to watch out for. Hootcake sets you up for instant Rank 3 Summons. It Special Summons Madolche Messengelato, and serves as the Beast-Type you need to use Messengelato’s effect. It clears your Graveyard for Madolche Puddingcess and Madolche Nights. Hootcake does it all. Since your Madolche rarely stay in the Graveyard, you can easily fulfill Hootcake’s requirements by using some generally useful non-Madolche monsters. Maxx “C” and Effect Veiler are the most popular choices, but you can use just about anything. Giant Rat is great because it also searches out Hootcake, while Tragoedia or Guardian Eatos can give you some extra muscle when you need it.

Ticket and Chateau, I mean, seriously


Madolche Ticket and Madolche Chateau, on their own, are really great. Put them together, and you get madness. Your Madolches will all be returning to the hand when destroyed, and you’ll get a free one each turn that happens. That means destroying your cards just gets you free cards – you lose nothing. Both Ticket and Chateau are searchable with Messengelato, so it’s very easy to put them together on the field. And then there’s this…


You’ve got a hand loaded with monsters that you searched out of your Deck and you can just go get this card with Messengelato to throw them all down for one big turn. What’s not to love? (Editor’s Note: Plenty, if you’re on the receiving end of it, as we saw this past weekend in a match-up of specialists in their chosen strategy. David Wu went on to make the Top 32 with his Madolche Deck.)

They’re super customizable

In most Decks, playing a single copy of something won’t usually be influential every time you might want it. You simply won’t draw that card in every Duel. With Madolche, your entire Deck is a toolbox from which you can pick anything! The combination of Magileine, Hootcake, Messengelato, and Ticket makes it so you can grab practically any Madolche card you want. For example, if you want to play a single Madolche Baaple to play around cards like Forbidden Lance and Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow (like David Wu did for his Top 32 finish at YCS Toronto), that’s perfectly acceptable. You won’t have to worry about drawing that Baaple too often when you don’t want it, but you can have it ready at nearly any moment when those situations come up. This principal applies to any of the Madolche cards, of course, so if there’s something out there you like, feel free to try it out!

Just look at them!

Seriously, look at these cards.


You can’t say no to that. Don’t fight it, just accept the cuteness.

Madolche are definitely something you’ll want to watch out for in the coming weeks. Packing some very interesting effects, one of the best Xyz Monsters ever, and a uniquely empty Graveyard, these sweet treats are a great pick and I can’t wait to play them!