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Wrong Bus, Buddy Sangan

October 18th, 2013

Make no mistake – searching your Deck for the cards you need and adding them to your hand wins Duels. Stopping your opponent from doing so wins Duels too. That’s why Mistake from Shadow Specters is so powerful. It shuts down some of the best card effects out there, making it tough for a lot of Decks to function.


Mistake is a Continuous Trap Card that prevents players from adding cards from their Deck to their hand, except by drawing them. Lots of the most prevalent cards in tournaments let Duelists look through their Decks for the cards they want, and add them to their hand. All of the Dragon Rulers, for example, replace themselves with a card from the Deck when they’re banished. While Mistake is face-up on the field, the Dragon Rulers lose their self-replacing power.


If you think you’re going to get their effects when they’re banished, you’re gonna have a bad time.

If you think you’re going to get their effects when they’re banished, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Mistake also stops a variety of other cards, including Reinforcement of the Army, Pot of Duality, Spellbook of Secrets, and Fire Formation – Tenki. Chain Mistake to any of these cards, and your opponents Spell Card will be rendered powerless. Plus, your Mistake will still be face-up on the field, ready to stop any other effects that your opponent might want to use later in the Duel to add cards from his or her Deck to his or her hand.


In addition, you can use Mistake to thwart Continuous Spell Cards that add cards from the Deck to the hand each turn, like Black Whirlwind and Wind-Up Factory.

Mistake is simple and effective. Duelists often rely on effects that can search their Decks for cards to add to their hands in order to make sure that they can consistently get the cards they need. Mistake stops all of these effects. Expect to see Mistake in lots of Duelists’ Side Decks, and maybe even some Main Decks, after the release of Shadow Specters.

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