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Bujin Intrusion! The Second Wave

October 29th, 2013

Judgment of the Light’s Bujin monsters were very popular from the get-go. Between Bujin Yamato’s ability to fix your hand and Graveyard to your liking, his immortal form’s, that is Bujintei Susanowo’s, ability to do the same and attack all of your opponent’s monsters each turn, and the multitude of useful Bujingis, plenty of Duelists cast their lots with the all-LIGHT monster strategy. And now those Duelists are about to be rewarded with a massive second wave of cool Bujin cards in Shadow Specters!


First up is Bujin Mikazuchi, the second non-Xyz Bujin Beast-Warrior. Mikazuchi is the counterpart to Bujin Yamato, packing 1900 ATK and a similar searching effect. First of all, you can Special Summon Mikazuchi from your hand if a Beast-Warrior Bujin you control is destroyed. That helps you to keep your field stable, and can even allow you to use Mikazuchi’s effect that turn.

While Yamato gives you more Bujin monsters, Mikazuchi searches out Bujin Spells and Traps! During each End Phase, you can add any Bujin Spell or Trap from your Deck to your hand as long as a “Bujin” monster was sent from your hand to the Graveyard that turn while Mikazuchi was on the field. Because he’s a Bujin Beast-Warrior, Bujin Mikazuchi can make use of the Bujingi, making this condition very simple to fulfill!

One of the best cards in any Bujin Deck is Bujingi Crane, which allows you to win nearly any battle, and it just so happens you play its ability by sending it from your hand to the Graveyard. Mikazuchi can also activate if you use Bujin Yamato’s effect during the End Phase, sending a “Bujin” monster like Bujingi Turtle to the Graveyard. Those aren’t the only options though, because Shadow Specters brings even more Bujingi monsters to the table!


While Bujingi Crane lets you win your battles outright, crafty opponents can declare their attacks in the right order to make sure their best monsters survive against it. That’s where you use Bujingi Crow! Crow negates your opponent’s attack against any Beast-Warrior Bujin. Then, half of their monster’s ATK is inflicted as damage to their Life Points! On the other hand, the World Premiere Bujingi Raven lets you make the most of a bad situation, destroying your opponent’s monster when it destroys any of your own Bujin monsters in battle.

Bujingi Ibis is used on your own turn, allowing any of your Bujin monsters to inflict piercing battle damage when attacking Defense Position monsters. Use Ibis on Mikazuchi, hammer in some damage, and in the End Phase you’ll get a Bujin Spell or Trap! Or, use Ibis on Bujintei Susanowo, attack a lot, and pierce your opponent’s defenses each time! Ibis is especially good against Token strategies, as most Tokens have 0 DEF.


The rest of the new Bujingi monsters activate in the Graveyard. Bujingi Boar lets your change any of your opponent’s monsters to Defense Position, then drop its DEF to 0. That’ll allow you to easily clear out any high ATK monster, and Boar makes a perfect partner to Ibis if you want to deal some extra damage.

Next up is Bujingi Centipede, which banishes itself to wipe out a Spell or Trap! That makes Centipede a great counterpart to Bujingi Quilin. Pair them up and you’ll be clearing out cards from either zone, leaving you free to strike!

With the newfound searching power of Bujin Mikazuchi, you’ll have access to all kinds of great cards. You can grab the awesome Special Summon power of Bujincarnation, or the versatile Bujin Regalia – The Sword. Finally, you can trade any Bujin for another, using Bujinfidel.


But there’s also a new “Bujin” Spell you’ll be able to add to your Deck starting November 2nd, and it’s reminiscent of one of the most powerful Forbidden cards ever! At the start of your Main Phase 1, if you control a Beast-Warrior Bujin and less monsters than your opponent, you can activate Bujin Regalia – The Mirror! It will freeze all Spells and Traps until your opponent’s next End Phase, just like the Forbidden Cold Wave! You can search out Bujin Regalia – The Mirror using Bujin Mikazuchi’s effect, so it’ll be at the ready whenever you need it.

FullKagutsuchiFinally, we come to the grand finale of our new Bujins – Bujintei Kagutsuchi! This Xyz Monster takes a step back from the aggression of Bujintei Susanowo, and offering a slow, more methodical approach to domination. First of all, when you Xyz Summon Kagutsuchi, you’ll send the top 5 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard.  That’ll help you load up on Bujingi monsters, and Kagutsuchi will gain 100 ATK for every Bujin that you send this way! That will put Kagutsuchi’s ATK anywhere from 2500 to 3000!

In addition, if any Beast-Warrior Bujin would be destroyed, you can detach an Xyz Material from Kagutsuchi instead! Kagutsuchi will usually be protecting itself, but you can also save your Yamato, Mikazuchi, and Susanowo as well.

Kagutsuchi can be Xyz Summoned using any two Level 4 Beast-Warriors, so you can actually use it in a variety of non-Bujin Decks as well. Try it out in Fire Kings, Fire Fists, or any other Beast-Warrior Deck that’s looking for an Xyz Monster that’s tough to take down!

With new Bujingi, a new Xyz Monster, a new Spell, and an awesome new LIGHT Beast-Warrior Bujin, Bujin Mikazuchi, you’d better be ready! The Bujin revolution begins November 2nd, when Shadow Specters Sneak Peeks kick off!