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Halloween Spooktacular!

October 31st, 2013

The release of Shadow Specters is just around the corner, and with it comes the cutest scariest bunch of monsters around! These monsters want nothing more than scare the living daylights out of your opponent, and then hide away before your opponent can react. Get ready for a Halloween Spooktacular starring the Ghostricks!

Spooking 101

The Ghostrick monsters are all low-Level monsters, between Levels 1 and 3. They’re a shy bunch, so you can’t Normal Summon unless you control a Ghostrick monster already. The Ghostricks have low ATK, but thankfully they can flip face-down each turn after causing some mischief! The main way you’ll put them on to the field is by Setting them face-down, which gives you the element of surprise in the early turns of the Duel. A normal turn will play out in this fashion:

  • Flip Summon all of your Ghostricks (and maybe even Summon another one!)
  • Activate their effects and/or attack your opponent with them
  • Set them all again before your opponent knows what hit them!

The Spook Squad


The Levels of the Ghostrick monsters dictate the kinds of effects that they use. The Level 1, Fiend-type Ghostricks are the ones that focus on startling your opponent! Ghostrick Lantern is a professional at both spooking your opponent, and saving your bacon – whenever your opponent attacks you directly or one of your Ghostrick monsters, you can negate that attack and Special Summon the Lantern face-down! This means that you can block 2 attacks with one monster, or even make sure you have a monster on the field for next turn. Ghostrick Specter activates when another of your Ghostricks is destroyed, Special Summoning itself from your hand and letting you draw a card!

The Level 2, Spellcaster-type Ghostricks are mischievous magical maidens that manipulate the mannerisms of your opponent’s monsters (what a mouthful)! Ghostrick Witch can put one of your opponent’s monster face-down once per turn, and Ghostrick Yuki-Onna will put the monster face-down permanently.

The Level 3, Zombie-type Ghostricks have higher ATK than the other Ghostricks, and have effects that help you get extra cards and to help you in battle. Ghostrick Jiangshi lets you grab a Ghostrick whose Level is equal to or less than the number of Ghostricks you control when you flip him face-up. Since you can flip him face-down every turn, you’ll get a free monster every turn! Ghostrick Stein can give you a Ghostrick Spell/Trap card when it inflicts battle damage, and with Ghostrick Ghoul to give 1 of your Ghostricks the ATK power of all of them, that’s an easy ability to trigger!

King of the Ghosts

SpookmasterAThe ringleader of this creepy cabal is Ghostrick Alucard, an Xyz Monster you can Summon using any 2 Level 3 monsters! While on the field, Alucard protects your other Ghostrick monsters and face-down monsters from attacks. In addition to protecting your Set monsters, it can destroy your opponent’s – by detaching 1 Xyz Material, you can destroy any of your opponent’s Set cards! If your opponent destroys Alucard and it goes to your Graveyard, then you can add a Ghostrick card from your Graveyard to your hand, which may give you just the cards you need to Xyz Summon another copy next turn!

Spooky Spells and Traps

The Ghostricks have a set of ghost-tricks they can use to disrupt their opponent. The first is Ghostrick Scare, which gets all of your Ghostricks on the field to scare the pants off of your opponent’s monsters! You can flip your Ghostricks face-up, and then change your opponent’s face-up monsters to face-down Defense Position based on how many Ghostricks you flipped face-up! The Ghostricks know when to leave the party too, so if trouble comes knocking they can disappear with Ghostrick Vanish. This Trap requires you to reveal a Ghostrick monster in your hand, to protect all of your on-field Ghostricks and face-down monsters from being targeted or destroyed by card effects. These cards are great, but don’t cover one of the major weaknesses of Ghostrick monsters, which is their low ATK and DEF scores. If your opponent Summons a big monster, it can be difficult for your tiny troublemakers to deal with it. Or at least it would be without the Ghostrick Mansion!

Ghostrick Mansion protects all Set monsters on the field from being attacked, and since all of your Ghostricks flip face-down every turn, your opponent can’t destroy them. The only downside to having your Ghostricks hide inside the Mansion is that a player can be attacked directly if they control no face-up monsters. However, fighting in the Ghostrick Mansion is scary business, so all damage inflicted to either player is halved, except for battle damage from Ghostrick monsters!

The Ghostricks focus on sneaky, spooky shenanigans to keep your opponents in the dark, while creating high-pressure situations with Ghostrick Mansion and Ghostrick Scare. Shadow Specters Sneak Peek events are this weekend, so if you’re not ready to fight against them, you won’t stand a ghost of a chance!

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