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Burst Rebirth

November 20th, 2013

Ever since Monster Reborn was Forbidden on September 1st, Duelists have been looking for new ways to revive monsters from their Graveyards. Call of the Haunted has been a longtime favorite, while newer cards like Pinpoint Guard and Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders have also been making waves. Shadow Specters introduces a new form of recursion, in a way that none of those cards can replicate! Take a look at Burst Rebirth!


Thanks to Burst Rebirth, you can revive monsters in a unique fashion that has only ever been seen before in The Shallow Graveyard and Spear Cretin – it Summons face-down! Call of the Haunted and Pinpoint Guard are great at what they do, no doubt about it. However, each is limited in that they only bring monsters face-up to the field. We all know that some of the best monsters in Dueling are better off if you Set them first, and Burst Rebirth gives you that option at any time!

Being able to activate it whenever you want is one of the best things about Burst Rebirth! Before we get into all the stuff you’d want to Special Summon face-down, consider the following: Call of the Haunted remains attached to the monster, and Pinpoint Guard needs to wait for an attack and only Summons Level 4 or lower monsters. Burst Rebirth suffers no such restrictions. So long as you have the 2000 Life Points, Burst Rebirth isn’t going to be stopped by Mystical Space Typhoon. You’re in control of when you activate it, so you can still block an attack with it if you like, or wait until the End Phase to ensure your monster makes it around to your turn.

So what kinds of monsters might you want to bring back with Burst Rebirth?

First, the obvious one: Flip Effect monsters! Burst Rebirth is one of the only efficient ways to reuse monsters with Flip Effects. You can revive Morphing Jar during the End Phase, when it’s too late for your opponent to play more cards, then Flip Summon it next turn for a huge advantage! Or, bring back Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter to block an attack, then destroy a card in return. Replace Ryko in that example with Gravekeeper’s Spy to go from an empty field to a field full of potential Xyz Materials!

Besides Flip Effects, many monsters behave in a similar way by activating when flipped up. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo is a great example. You can use Burst Rebirth during the Battle Phase to revive Fossil Dyna, and if your opponent continues to attack they’ll lose all their Special Summoned monsters. Or, wait until the End Phase to revive Fossil Dyna, then flip it up. You’ll still destroy their monsters, and Fossil Dyna will continue to be a thorn in their side. In Geargia Decks, Burst Rebirth retrieves Geargiarmor, acting as a searching card as well as a new monster.

Ghostricks are a new group of monsters from Shadow Specters. They have a lot of effects that put themselves face-down, or involve being flipped up. Burst Rebirth can find a home in a Ghostrick Deck, allowing you to perform all kinds of cool moves. Bring back Ghostrick Jiangshi to search out more Ghostrick cards, as well as defend you with its 1800 DEF. You can also use Burst Rebirth on any weak monster, and it’ll be protected if you’ve got Ghostrick Alucard in play!

Burst Rebirth is very useful card, capable of reviving anything in your Graveyard. That alone makes it worth a nod, but it does so in a way rarely ever seen before! If you’ve been looking for a new way to put your Graveyard to work, try give Burst Rebirth a try. You can find it in Shadow Specters!

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