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The Wonderful Number 101 (and C101!)

January 25th, 2014

Legacy of the Valiant launches today, and with it comes some of the most anticipated Xyz Monsters yet! Strong Rank 4 Xyz Monsters that can go in any Deck, like Evilswarm Exciton Knight, are always popular, but it’s not the only Rank 4 to look out for! Get ready for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK!


Number 101: Silent Honor ARK can be Xyz Summoned with any 2 Level 4 monsters, so there are no restrictions on what Deck you can use it in. It fits particularly nicely into any Gadget, Gravekeeper’s, Thunder, Constellar, Fire Fist or Noble Knight Extra Deck! While it’s on the field, you can detach both of its Xyz Materials to take one of your opponent’s Attack Position Special Summoned monsters and attach it to the ARK as Xyz Material! From there, if your opponent would destroy your ARK, you can detach an Xyz Material from it instead. This is super convenient, giving you a way to eliminate even the most well protected monsters while giving your own monster a shield from destruction!

Summoning Silent Honor ARK allows you to take an opponent’s threat off the field instantly, and use it to protect the Xyz Monster you invested cards into Summoning. Alternatively you can take a less active approach and not use ARK’s effect, instead relying on it as a defensive wall to stop your opponent getting at your Life Points. Whichever way you choose to use Number 101: Silent Honor ARK it will definitely be a great addition to your Extra Deck.

Number 101: Silent Honor ARK is extremely versatile, so it’s likely to see play in a lot of Decks that use Level 4 monsters. Since you can defeat any other Xyz or Synchro Monster, or even a high-powered effect monster like Judgment Dragon, having 2 Level 4 monsters now gives you an easy way to deal with any of these problematic cards. You can even use your ARK’s effect to attach your opponent’s ARK to it, which is an awesome way to get revenge on your opponent! Once you’ve used Number 101: Silent Honor ARK’s effect, the fun doesn’t stop there – you can use one of the Rank-Up Magic Spell Cards to Xyz Summon Number C101: Silent Honor DARK!


Number C101: Silent Honor DARK has a whopping 2800 ATK compared to ARK’s 2100, and can also attach your any of your opponent’s Special Summoned monsters to it as Xyz Material! The best thing is that DARK doesn’t have to detach any Xyz Materials to do it; you can take one of your opponent’s Special Summoned monsters every turn, no questions asked. It doesn’t even have to be in Attack Position!

Even if your opponent manages to Summon a monster strong enough to destroy it, they’ll have to be ready to destroy it a second time after that or their efforts will be for naught. When Number C101: Silent Honor DARK is destroyed while it has Xyz Material and sent to the Graveyard, if Number 101: Silent Honor ARK is in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon DARK back from the Graveyard and gain Life Points equal to its original ATK! This forces your opponent to commit additional cards to destroying it, as DARK will continue stealing your opponent’s monsters in order to protect itself if it’s left on the field. And at the same time, it’ll protect you by restoring 2800 Life Points every time it comes back.

Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and Number C101: Silent Honor DARK are 2 great cards for taking care of your opponent’s Special Summoned monsters. If your Deck needs some easy access to effects that can remove your opponent’s monsters from the field, look no further than the ARK and DARK duo from Legacy of the Valiant!