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Go Gagaga Agagagain!

March 25th, 2014

Every fan of Yuma’s Gagaga monsters knows that getting your second “Gagaga” monster on the field is the toughest part of pulling off their Xyz Summon strategy. Gagaga Child from Super Starter: V for Victory is one way of doing it, but it makes you skip your Battle Phase for the turn. With today’s Premium Gold card, you’ll be able to Summon 2 “Gagaga” monsters in one turn without skipping your Battle Phase and without having to double or triple up on cards you don’t want to draw multiples of. Check out Gagaga Academy Emergency Network!

Gagaga Academy Emergency Network
is a simple Spell Card that allows you to Special Summon a Gagaga monster from your Deck. You can’t perform other Special Summons the turn you activate it, except for Xyz Summons (oh no!), and you can only activate it if your opponent controls a monster and you don’t.

Having access to the right Gagaga monster in any situation is incredibly helpful. If you have Gagaga Girl in your hand, you can Special Summon Gagaga Magician from your Deck with Emergency Network and Normal Summon Gagaga Girl. The same holds true if you have Magician or need Girl, or if you have Gagaga Child and need Magician. Starting with one of the Level-changing Gagagas and this card lets you perform almost any Xyz Summon from Rank 1 to Rank 8!

If you’re building a Gagaga Deck, you want to see Gagaga Magician as much as possible. Because he can freely change his Level to anything from 1 to 8 instead of just matching another monster’s Level, he’s the lynchpin of your combos. Once you have him, you can use your Gagaga Girl or Child to Xyz Summon monsters like Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech (especially good with Gagaga Girl’s ability!), Norito the Moral Leader, and Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand!

If you’re out of Gagaga Magicians or have a mismatched hand of combo pieces, you can also use Emergency Network to Summon Gagaga Caesar, which can banish a monster from your Graveyard to make all Gagagas you control become the Level of that monster. This gives you interesting options, like banishing a huge monster like Tragoedia to make your monsters Level 10, which is higher than Gagaga Magician can reach on its own! This gives you access to Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max, and  Skypalace Gangaridai!

Since Gagaga Academy Emergency Network gives you access to any of your Gagaga monsters when you need them, it also lets you take advantage of the slew of other useful “Gagaga” Spell and Trap Cards. Gagagabolt lets you destroy any card on the field while you control a Gagaga monster. Gagagarevenge can Special Summon a Gagaga from your Graveyard, and Gagagadraw lets you banish 3 Gagaga monsters from your Graveyard to draw 2 cards. Keep in mind that you can’t use Gagaga Academy Emergency Network and Gagagarevenge in the same turn, but using both cards in your Deck will give you access to heaps of ways to put 2 Gagaga monsters onto the field for an easy Xyz Summon.

The monster you Summon with Gagaga Academy Emergency Network doesn’t have to be used with another Gagaga monster – you can use whatever you like as Xyz Materials with it! A great monster to use in a Gagaga Deck is Dododo Warrior. It’s a Level 6 monster that you can Normal Summon without Tributing. After Special Summoning Gagaga Magician from your Deck, you can Normal Summon Dododo Warrior to Xyz Summon a Rank6 Xyz Monster like Photon Strike Bounzer or Gauntlet Launcher! The best reason for using Dododo Warrior is so that you have access to Onomatopaira, which lets you discard a card to add a Gagaga monster AND a Dododo monster to your hand (and it can add Gogogo and Zubaba monsters as well)! This gives you an easy way to thin your Deck and get to your combo pieces much faster.

Gagaga Academy Emergency Network gives Gagaga Decks an easy way to search for the monster they need and make their Xyz Summon much faster. With destruction, Special Summoning and drawing effects, along with having the most diverse Extra Deck of almost any strategy, Gagaga Decks are in the best shape of their lives! If that sounds awesome to you, look for Gagaga Academy Emergency Network Premium Gold starting Friday, March 28!

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