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Crime of the Century

April 3rd, 2014

The Number monsters have generally been Xyz Monsters that you can use in any Deck, with powerful effects that can help you in tons of different situations. But Premium Gold introduces 2 new Number Monsters that are made to work with each other in one very specific way to cause mayhem in the most wicked of ways!


Number 13: Embodiment of Crime and Number 31: Embodiment of Punishment are a pair of Rank 1 Xyz Monsters, that have the same Rank, ATK, DEF, Summoning requirements, and even effects! Crime and Punishment can detach a Xyz Material during either player’s turn. If one of them does, your opponent’s monsters are changed to Attack Position and are forced to attack that monster this turn. Furthermore, if you control both Crime and Punishment, they both gain extra effects! With both monsters in play, neither of them can be destroyed by battle or by card effects while they have Xyz Material, and if you would take damage from a battle involving it and your opponent’s attacking monster, they take all of the battle damage instead of you!

Number 13: Embodiment of Crime and Number 31: Embodiment of Punishment both require 2 Level 1 monsters for their Xyz Summon, which isn’t very hard to do at all! Kinka-Byo is the go-to monster for Level 1 monster Decks, as it’s a Spirit monster that can Special Summon a Level 1 monster from your Graveyard. This was previously used with Mystic Piper, allowing you to trade your Normal Summon to draw a card, or possibly 2 cards! However, for the purpose of Xyz Summoning Crime and Punishment, any monster will do. You can try this strategy in a Ghostrick Deck utilising Kinka-Byo and the Level 1 Ghostrick Monsters. Even without Kinka-Byo, you can still Summon Crime and Punishment easily. All of the Level 1 Ghostricks Special Summon themselves or another monster, which gives you a monster to Xyz Summon with on the next turn! In addition, Ghostrick Mummy gives you an additional Normal Summon of a Ghostrick Monster. This lets you Summon 2 Level 1 Ghostricks to Xyz Summon with right away! Combined with Recurring Nightmare to return them to your hand, you can dish out Crime and Punishment multiple times in a Duel!

There are a number of ways that you can get a ton of benefits out of Number 13: Embodiment of Crime and Number 31: Embodiment of Punishment. Under normal circumstances, you’ll only be able to use each of Crime and Punishment’s effects once each if you want them to remain indestructible (as they need Xyz Materials attached to themselves in order to apply this effect). Xyz Override is a Field Spell Card that allows you to banish a card from your hand instead of detaching a Xyz Material from a Xyz Monster. This ensures that you’ll always have both Crime and Punishment alive and well, and still be able to use their effects! If you’re leaning more towards punishing your opponent, you can try Ancient Forest. While Ancient Forest is on the field, any monster that attacks is destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase. Combined with Crime and Punishment, you’ll force them to attack and take all of the damage, and then destroy all of their monsters! Using Ancient Forest puts pressure on Crime and Punishment in terms of their Xyz Materials, however you can use Number Wall to back them up! This will prevent them from being destroyed (except by battle with Number monsters), regardless of how many Xyz Materials they have!

Number 13: Embodiment of Crime and Number 31: Embodiment of Punishment are different from regular monsters, since they cause your opponent’s monsters to turn against them! You can find them in Premium Gold.

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