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I Gotta Hand it to You…

April 10th, 2014

Yesterday you got a look at Ice Hand and Fire Hand, but we’re betting you’re wondering if it’s going to be possible to build a full Hand Deck like Girag had on Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal.  In fact, you can! In addition to Fire Hand and Ice Hand, there are two more hands on deck – Magic Hand and Prominence Hand!


Between Ice Hand and Fire Hand, you can destroy any card that’s on the field. Magic Hand can reach out and grab hold of cards in your opponent’s hand! If your opponent adds cards from their Deck to their hand while Magic Hand is on the field, except by drawing, Magic Hand can drag all of them down to the Graveyard and deal 800 damage. The ability only works once per copy of Magic Hand while it’s face-up on the field, but it doesn’t care how many cards were added to your opponent’s hand. It just takes them all!

Magic Hand doesn’t have much ATK, but it’s great when protected by some Trap Cards. Your opponent will need to get through it, or any cards like Fire Formation – Tenki, Reinforcement of the Army, Hysteric Sign, or Mermail Abyssteus will be at risk. It’s a bit like the effect of Thunder King Rai-Oh, but instead of preventing the cards from going to the hand, Magic Hand actually gets rid of the card(s) added. Just like with Rai-Oh, you can use Call of the Haunted with Magic Hand to respond to a searching effect, surprising your opponent by taking away their card. Afterwards, you’ll probably want to do something with Magic Hand before your opponent can run it over, so might we suggest Prominence Hand?

As long as you control one of the other three Hands, you can Special Summon Prominence Hand from your hand. Since Ice Hand and Fire Hand keep swapping out for each other, that’s an easy requirement to meet. As a Level 4 monster, Prominence Hand pairs with any of the Hands to make a Rank 4 Xyz Monster with ease.  It’s hard to argue against Rank 4 being the most popular Rank of Xyz Monster right now with cards like Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and Evilswarm Exciton Knight available, so a dedicated Hand Deck will have a distinct leg up on the competition… wait…

Nearly any Rank 4 is available to you, but there are a few particularly cool choices that work great with the Hands. If you pair Prominence Hand with Ice Hand, you can make Abyss Dweller and give it an ATK boost as long as Ice Hand is an Xyz Material. Put Prominence Hand and Fire Hand together, and you’ve got a pair of Pyro monsters – perfect for Infernal Flame Vixen! It can shoot up to 2700 ATK, and if it’s destroyed like that you’ll banish three monsters from the Graveyards. Daigusto Emeral is a great way to recycle your Fire Hand and Ice Hand cards, so you can keep Summoning more and more, and Lavalval Chain can put more copies of any of the hands on top of your Deck so you can keep up the pressure!

Between Ice, Fire, Magic, and Prominence, these new cards are sure to give you a hand in your Duels! You can find them and tons of other great new cards from TV in Dragons of Legend, available April 25th!

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