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Kept Under Guard

April 14th, 2014

Drawing 2 cards is good. Drawing 2 cards every turn is good enough to beat the Pharaoh. Take a look at Guarded Treasure, one of the key cards of Rafael’s Guardian Deck!


In order to access the power of Guarded Treasure, you’ll first have to pay a price. To activate it, you’ll need to discard five cards. Guarded Treasure starts to make up for it immediately though, by giving you two new cards right off the bat. From there, as long as you control it, Guarded Treasure lets you draw two cards during each Draw Phase! After just one turn you’ll have nearly made up the cost you paid. Every turn after that is pure profit!

The first obstacle to overcome in using Guarded Treasure is the discard cost. Ideally, you’ll want to start off with Guarded Treasure in the opening turns of the Duel like Rafael did, while you still have a lot of cards in your hand to activate it. Cards like Pot of Duality and Kuribandit are good for getting you to Guarded Treasure early on. Thunder Dragon and Cardcar D are also ways to keep your hand full too. And remember, you can easily use three copies of Guarded Treasure in a Deck without much drawback. Since you’re getting so many free cards, potentially drawing a duplicate copy of Guarded Treasure is worth the risk if it means getting it early in the Duel.

Once you’ve got it face-up, Guarded Treasure is going to become a magnet for destruction. No opponent in their right mind will want to let it remain! Try protecting your Continuous Spell with Card Guard, so your opponent will be forced to use at least two of their own cards to get rid of Guarded Treasure. If you’re up against cards like Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla or Atlantean Heavy Infantry, you can protect Guarded Treasure with Skill Prisoner. Once it’s in the Graveyard, Skill Prisoner will even serve as a deterrent to future monster effects! In fact, if it’s in your hand at the start of the Duel along with Guarded Treasure, you can discard it without worry because it’s effect will become live as soon as your opponent’s turn rolls around! Of course, one of the best methods of keeping your Guarded Treasure safe is the always handy Stardust Dragon, which will even protect it from Mystical Space Typhoon in response to its activation. And it’s way easier to Summon Stardust Dragon if you’ve discarded a Tuner and a non-Tuner, because you can bring them both back at the same time with Rafael’s Soul Charge Spell Card!

As long as you’re able to pay for its price and keep it safe, Guarded Treasure can work in all kinds of different strategies. Zombies are a great choice because you can toss Mezuki and monsters to revive with it at the same time, and both Goblin Zombie and even Vampire Sorcerer if you’re using a Vampire variant of Zombies help you keep your hand nice and full. Wherever you use it, Guarded Treasure is sure to make an impact!

Dragons of Legend is only two weeks away! You can pick up Guarded Treasure and many more cards used by Rafael, including Soul Charge, on April 25th!

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