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Coming at Summer’s End – Battle Pack 3: Monster League!

April 30th, 2014

Monster League

This fall, a new draft season will kick off with the latest booster set in the Battle Pack Series, the all-new Battle Pack 3: Monster League!

Designed for booster draft or sealed pack play, Monster League will bring together a ton of surprising Monsters, Spells, and Traps to challenge your drafting, deck-building, and Dueling skills in a brand new way.


Special Tournament Rule
(for home use, too!)

Like all Battle Pack boosters, Battle Pack 3: Monster League will be designed to be played in booster draft or sealed pack style (more info below).

What’s new about Monster League is that – while playing draft/sealed with Battle Pack 3 packs – there is a very special tournament rule. We suggest using this tournament rule at home, too, while playing draft/sealed Monster League with your friends.

The special Monster League rule is:
All monsters are all Types.


Whether in your Deck, Extra Deck, hand, Graveyard, field, or banished, all monsters are treated as every monster Type. The monsters have put aside their differences, and united into one great big Monster League!

When Dueling with BP3, you can expect to see combos and strategies that wouldn’t work otherwise, and get to play with tons of cards you normally don’t see much. You’ll be playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG like you’ve never seen it before!


10 Brand New Cards

Battle Pack 3: Monster League will include 10 new cards to enhance your draft & sealed games (2 new Monsters, 2 new Spells, and 6 new Traps). Like Battle Packs in general, the focus of these new cards is on battle, and of course they’re 100% legal for use in your regular, constructed play Deck. Whether you’re making your dead work for you with Ghosts From the Past, or just spinning out some quick defense with Quantum Cat, these cards are designed to throw a new twist into your Duels.


Shatterfoil Cards

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn had Starfoil Cards.
Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants had Mosaic Rares.
Battle Pack 3: Monster League has Shatterfoils!

These shattered-glass style cards use the same technology seen in later Duel Terminal sets. All 237 cards in the set can be had as Shatterfoils. Each pack contains 1 Shatterfoil card.


Xyz Monsters Are Back

Xyz Monsters were part of the fun in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, but were not present in Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants. Monster League returns Xyz Monsters to draft & sealed play, but as extremely rare, Shatterfoil-only cards. (Like the God Cards from War of the Giants.) You’ll see them in your draft pods, but not all the time. And the question of where Xyz Monsters will fall in the draft pick order is up to the Duelist community to decide. Are they an early, mid, or late pick? That’s all up to you, the Duelists!


Recap: What are Booster Draft & Sealed Pack Play?

Draft & sealed play is a way to take booster packs, and make them into a game by themselves.

If you’re planning to pick up Battle Pack 3 just for the new cards and the chance to get some of your favorite cards as Shatterfoils, you might as well do some draft or sealed play with your friends when you open the packs. Get the most fun out of your gaming dollar!

Sealed Play is simple and easy. Just get together with your friends (or rivals!) and split up some packs. Open your packs, make brand new Decks just from those cards you got, and start Dueling!

Booster Draft is a bit more complicated, but uses a lot more strategy. Each player will need to start with their own supply of Monster League packs (9 packs per player is suggested).

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do Booster Draft:

  1. Each player takes 3 of their Monster League packs, and opens them to get a stack of 15 cards. Set the other 6 packs aside.
  2. Look at the 15 cards you opened, and pick 1 to keep for your deck. Pass the 14 remaining cards to the player on your left. They choose 1 card from the stack you passed them, keep it for themselves, and pass the remaining 13 cards to the player on THEIR left, and so on.
  3. Keep going around the table. Each player takes 1 card to keep, from the cards passed to them, then passes the remaining cards to the person on their left. Keep going in a circle until the last cards are taken.
  4. After the first packs are drafted, everyone should have 15 cards in their Deck pool. Now, open your next 3 packs of Monster League to get 15 more cards. Just like before, choose 1 of them to keep and add it to the cards you’ve already drafted. Pass the remaining cards to your RIGHT.
  5. Keep going around the table, again. Each player takes 1 card to keep, then passes the remaining cards to their RIGHT.
  6. After passing the second batch of cards, everyone has 30 cards. Each player opens their 3 remaining Battle Pack 3 packs to get 15 more cards. Repeat as above, passing to the LEFT again.
  7. Once all cards are drafted, each player will have 45 cards in their card pool. Use these 45 cards to build a Deck of at least 40 cards.

IMPORTANT: All the stacks are being passed simultaneously! As you pass your stack to the next player, somebody else is passing you the remaining cards from their stack. All the stacks are going around in a circle at the same time, and you keep drafting cards to add to your pool.

Booster Draft is the ultimate test of your skills. Do you go for a brute-force approach, or try to assemble a combo-oriented Deck? Can you read the other players’ moves to figure out what they’re drafting, to give you an edge? Can you pass a card, hoping to pick it up the next time that stack goes around the table? These and other challenges await you in Battle Pack 3: Monster League!


Draft Play & YCS’s

Draft play is a ton of fun. But besides that, remember that the last 4 rounds (the Top 16) of each Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series is settled by drafting Battle Packs. In order to triumph at a YCS, you’ll need to show off your skills in draft, as well as constructed, play, to make sure that the most well-rounded Duelists come out on top!

Looking at draft results from YCS events, there’s a clear difference between Duelists who have been practicing their draft play, and those who haven’t. So be sure to keep up with the latest draft strategies and practice your skills, with Battle Pack 3: Monster League!

You can expect to see Battle Pack 3 at the beginning of August. (Until then, all YCS events will continue to use Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants and Battle Pack 2: Round 2.)

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