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PRIO Preview: The Angel Jellyel

April 30th, 2014

I hope you’re still hungry for more Primal Origin cards, because we’re bringing dessert!

Like most Madolches, Madolche Anjelly will return to the Deck if she’s destroyed in your possession. That won’t happen very often, however, because Anjelly is far more likely to be Tributed! You can Tribute Anjelly, then Special Summon any Madolche monster from your Deck! That new monster will also have Anjelly’s blessing, keeping it safe in battle. The only downside is that you’re limited to one use of this effect per turn, and the new Madolche will return to the Deck during your next turn’s End Phase. You’ll have two turns to attack, defend, or Xyz Summon until then.

The very biggest reason Madolche Anjelly is so great is Madolche Hootcake. Yes, jelly is delicious on pancakes, but there’s much more to it than that! Hootcake requires you to banish a monster from the Graveyard, but most Madolche monsters don’t stay there, so it used to be a bit of a hassle. Most Duelists used Maxx “C” or Effect Veiler to fuel Hootcake since those are great cards anyway, but you could never truly rely on having those ready when you had Hootcake. Anjelly makes your Hootcake plays come together far more consistently, since you can find Anjelly easily with Madolche Magileine and Madolche Ticket.

Anjelly alone can combo with Hootcake to drop a Rank 3 Xyz or bring out Madolche Messengelato to search out a key card like Madolche Chateau or Madolche Ticket. If you think that’s good, it gets even crazier if you also have Madolche Mewfeuille. Play out Mewfeuille and Anjelly, then Tribute Anjelly to grab Hootcake. Now Hootcake will banish Anjelly to bring out Messengelato, so you get a free card. Pair your Hootcake and Mewfeuille together, and you can make either Leviair the Sea Dragon or M-X-Saber Invoker. Either of them is capable of bringing a Level 4 monster to the field, so you can then play Madolche Queen Tiaramisu! Because you’ll have detached a Madolche from your Rank 3 Xyz Monster, Tiaramisu can use her effect. So, you got a Messengelato search, a Rank 3 Xyz, Tiaramisu, and cleared away two opposing cards with Tiaramisu’s effect. All this from just Mewfeuille and Anjelly!

If you aren’t ready to play your Hootcake tricks yet, Anjelly can still do a lot of other great moves. You can Tribute her to bring Madolche Puddingcess to the field, and it will be completely safe in battle. No matter what your opponent controls, you can send Puddingcess on the attack, and its effect will destroy a card while she remains on the field! If you’re too low on Life Points to take a risk, you can have Anjelly Special Summon Puddingcess or any other Madolche in Defense Position, giving you a sturdy wall for a turn.

It’s worth noting that Madolche Anjelly is a Fairy-type. That’s important, because Madolche Ticket has a seldom-used bonus effect if you control a Fairy-type Madolche! The royalty of Puddingcess and Tiaramisu were the only Fairies before, so now you’ve got one more way to use Ticket’s extra effect. Instead of adding a monster to your hand, Ticket will let you Special Summon that monster instead.

Primal Origin is dropping a ton of great new cards for Decks old and new, and out of all of them Madolche Anjelly might just take the cake! The Primal Origin Sneak Peeks will be starting in less than two weeks, on May 10th and 11th, and the set releases on May 16th!

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