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PRIO Preview: We Are Gathered Here Today…

May 2nd, 2014

Recently we showed you Noble Knight Brothers, a monster that helps you make Xyz Summons in the early game while giving you extra cards in the late game. Today we’re going to show you 2 more new cards for Noble Knights, one Spell, and the first ever Trap for Noble Knight fans!

One problem that Noble Knights have always had is that your Artorigus Xyz Monsters always fill up your whole field with Noble Arms cards. When you’re equipping Noble Arms – Gallatin, Noble Arms of Destiny, Noble Arms – Excaliburn, and Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms to Artorigus all at once, that usually only leaves 1 space for another Spell or Trap Card. Thankfully, Noble Knights of the Round Table is a Field Spell that supports your Noble Knights from your (previously unused) Field Spell Zone!

Noble Knights of the Round Table
gives you 4 effects to use in your End Phase for free. The only condition is that you’ve got to have a lot of “Noble Knight” cards with different names on the field or in your Graveyard. Keep in mind though, that the Field Spell itself is a “Noble Knight” card, so you only need two more to get the ball rolling!

The first effect of the Round Table allows you to send a Noble Knight from your Deck to the Graveyard, providing your “Noble Knight” count is 3 or more. This is great for sending Noble Knight Artorigus or Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn, or a certain other yet to be named Noble Knight to the Graveyard so that you don’t draw them later.

Once your Knight count is 6 or more, you can Special Summon a Noble Knight from your hand and equip it with a Noble Arms card. One of the best monsters to Summon with this is Noble Knight Drystan, as you’ll be able to destroy an opponent’s card as well as protect your weaker Knights from attacks!

With a Knight count of 9, you’ll be able to grab any Noble Knight from your Graveyard and add it to your hand. Keep in mind that you can use Noble Knights of the Round Table’s effects in any order you desire, so you could, for example, send a Noble Knight to the Graveyard with the first effect, add it to your hand with the third effect, and then Special Summon it with the second effect, effectively Special Summoning any monster you want from the Deck!

If you manage to get all the way to 12 Noble Knights, you’ll be able to draw an extra card each turn! Much like Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins the 4th effect lets you draw, and with your Deck thinned out you’ll have a much higher chance to draw your most powerful cards. Since you can return your Noble Arms to the Deck with Noble Knight Brothers, you’re highly likely to draw them either from Brothers or the Round Table, giving you a Noble Arms to equip to the monster you Summon from the Round Table!

Noble Knights of the Round Table also helps you to set up the conditions for using our other World Premiere card: Avalon!


Avalon is a simple card with a simple effect. You banish 5 of your Knights from your Graveyard (including at least 1 “Artorigus” and “Laundsallyn” monster) and destroy all cards on the field. This is fairly easy to set up with Noble Knights of the Round Table, as you can send a Noble Knight to the Graveyard every turn. Using Avalon will make it hard to use the major effects of Noble Knights of the Round Table later in the Duel, so it’s a card you should only use in a dire situation. You can make this easier by banishing Noble Knights that you have multiple copies of (like Noble Knight Medraut) so that it doesn’t affect your Noble Knight count too much. The best part about Avalon is that if your Noble Knight is equipped with Noble Arms of Destiny, it won’t be destroyed by Avalon! Plus, most of the Noble Arms that are equipped to it will come back as if nothing happened!

Noble Knights of the Round Table gives you a way to make sure you don’t draw the monsters you don’t want to see, while making sure that you can keep Summoning more Noble Knights every turn. Combined with the destructive power of Avalon, you’ve got an out to any killer field your opponent may pull out on you! You can get your hands on these and plenty of other great cards when Primal Origin releases on the 16th, or at a Sneak Peek on the 10th and/or 11th.

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