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PRIO Preview: The Bujin Conclusion Part 1

May 5th, 2014

Bujin fans rejoice! With Primal Origin just around the corner, you’ll soon be Dueling with some of the best Bujin cards yet! Today, we’re looking at a new Beast-Warrior Bujin and an awesome new Xyz Monster, which play off each other in some simple yet effective ways.

Bujin Hirume
adds a new level of aggression to your strategy. Clocking in at a huge 2000 ATK, it’s probably the largest monster in your Main Deck. Bujin Hirume can’t be Normal Summoned, but its built-in Special Summon ability more than makes up for that – just banish any other Bujin from your Graveyard! Hirume lets you throw down 2000 extra damage on the field or go for an Xyz Summon at a pace Bujin Decks could rarely achieve before. You’ll often have used copies of Bujingi Crane or Bujin Yamato in the Graveyard, so the cost is negligible.

On top of that, Hirume punishes your opponent if they dare to destroy her. If that happens, Hirume will make both players discard a card from their hand. Of course, as a Bujin Duelist, you won’t mind discarding something like Bujingi Hare or Bujingi Centipede.

Bujin Hirume is a simple card, but it does a lot for your Deck. It’s searchable with Fire Formation – Tenki, and jumps up to a huge 2100 ATK while Tenki is in play. Since Bujin Decks aren’t normally able to pull off quick Xyz Summons without Bujincarnation, Hirume is a welcome method of playing Bujintei Susanowo or Bujintei Kagutsuchi easier or just knocking your opponent’s Life Points down quickly to hold off Soul Charge plays.

And speaking of Xyz Monsters, here’s Primal Origin’s new Bujin Xyz Monster: Bujinki Amaterasu!

You may have noticed that Bujinki Amaterasu’s name is a bit different from other Bujin. The regular Bujin Beast-Warriors are simply called Bujin; their animal armaments are the Bujingi; and the fully powered Xyz Monsters are the Bujintei. So, what’s a Bujinki? It’s the ultimate Bujin!

Befitting the ultimate Bujin, Bujinki Amaterasu requires three Level 4 monsters for its Summon. The first thing you should notice here is that Bujinki Amaterasu doesn’t care if its Xyz Materials are Bujins, or LIGHT, or Beast-Warriors – any monster is fair game. Thus, Amaterasu is useable in non-Bujin Decks too.

Once each turn, by detaching an Xyz Material from Amaterasu, you can get one of two possible Quick Effects. The effect will be determined by whose turn it is. If it’s your own turn, you’ll Special Summon one of your Level 4 or lower banished monsters, similar to Leviair the Sea Dragon. On your opponent’s turn, you’ll instead add that monster to your hand.

Bujin Hirume is the perfect partner to Bujinki Amaterasu. Hirume’s Special Summon will help you get the three monsters you need to Xyz Summon, while simultaneously banishing the perfect card for Amaterasu to get back. You can have Hirume banish Bujingi Crane so you Amaterasu can return it to your hand, or banish Bujin Yamato and Special Summon it right to the field. Besides Hirume, many of your Bujingi will be banishing themselves throughout the Duel, so you won’t be short on cards to get back. Since Amaterasu can activate each turn, you’ll make up the cost of her Summon by your next turn.

If you’re a Bujin Duelist, you’ll definitely want to keep a look out at your Primal Origin Sneak Peek. You’ll be able to pick up Bujin Hirume and Bujinki Amaterasu, as well as another new Bujin that we’ll talk about later this week!

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