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Majesty’s Fiend

May 29th, 2014

One of the most powerful monsters in Primal Origin goes in you Main Deck, not your Extra Deck. Majesty’s Fiend is a Monarch-sized monster that shuts the door on powerful monster effects!

Majesty’s Fiend is a Level 6 LIGHT Fiend with 2400 ATK and 1000 DEF. It can’t be Special Summoned, much like Vanity’s Fiend, but once it’s on the field it prevents the effects of all Effect Monsters from being activated! With 2400 ATK and no access to monster effects, your opponent will have a hard time removing Majesty’s Fiend from the field. Go-to choices for problematic monsters, like Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear and Number 101: Silent Honor ARK won’t save your opponent from your Majesty. In addition, defensive monsters like Geargiarmor and Ghostrick Jiangshi fall flat against Majesty’s Fiend. Even monsters like Honest, Bujingi Crane and Effect Veiler are useless against it!

Majesty’s Fiend is a great card to shut down Decks that rely completely on Effect Monsters, like any of the new Decks built around Artifacts, Fire Hand, and Ice Hand. Majesty’s Fiend stops all the destruction effects dead in their tracks, while making it difficult for them to Summon a monster strong enough to destroy Majesty. Mermail Decks also suffer, being unable to Summon their heavy hitters outside of using Abyss-Sphere. Bujin Decks are rendered useless too, since Bujin Yamato won’t be able to search for Bujins, nor will any of the Bujingis be able to save Yamato from being destroyed by Majesty’s Fiend.

While other high Level monsters are hard to Summon, Majesty’s Fiend has a multitude of easy methods of being Summoned. Since it requires 1 Tribute, you can use monsters like Cyber Dragon, Unknown Synchron and Photon Thrasher to get easy Tributes for it. In addition, you can use Sinister Yorishiro to put it onto the field without Tributing. Sinister Yorishiro also has the bonus effect of protecting Majesty’s Fiend if it would be destroyed! Combined with Vanity’s Fiend, you can create a powerful lock where neither player can Special Summon or use monster effects! Since Majesty’s Fiend has 2400 ATK and 1000 DEF, you can even search it straight from your Deck with Return of the Monarchs right after you Tribute Summon another monster. This makes it a great fit into a Monarch Deck, as you can easily Summon it and search it right from your Deck when you want to stop your opponent’s monster effects.

Majesty’s Fiend can bring your opponent’s strategy to a total standstill just by being in play, and the longer you can keep it on the field the more likely you are to be able to press your advantage by attacking. If you’re interested in slowing the Duel down to a speed you’re comfortable with, look out for Majesty’s Fiend from Primal Origin!

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