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What’s to Come in 2014

June 27th, 2014

Today we’re announcing some more info on a couple of cool items coming out later this year: Legendary Collection 5D’s and the Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set. So this seems like a good time to catch our breath and go over some of the stuff you’ll be seeing the rest of this year. Let’s take them in order:

Realm of  Light Structure Deck – June 27
This Lightsworn Deck contains several new cards, including a Lightsworn Synchro Monster and the Lightsworn Sanctuary Spell Card, which you can learn about here. This Deck comes out tomorrow!


Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown – July 11
This Starter Deck will give you your first taste of the new Pendulum Monster Cards, the new summoning mechanic featured in the upcoming fifth installment of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV series. The Beginner’s Guide that comes with this Deck will also contain an important rules update, so be sure to check that out. The rule update will not take effect until July 14, though (the day after the North American World Championship Qualifier).


Astral Pack 5 should also be showing up around this time, in July. No exact date, yet. Be sure and check with your local Official Tournament Store! (And while you’re at it, be sure and thank them for running tournaments so that you get to Duel with your friends and rivals.)


Battle Pack 3: Monster League – August 1
I’ve talked a little about Battle Pack 3 before, and I’ll be going into a lot more detail in the weeks ahead. We’ll also be showing off the 5 different Game Mats available in Battle Kit 3 (which will have 10 packs + 1 of 5 Game Mats).


Duelist Alliance – August 15
This will be the first booster set to include Pendulum Monsters, plus it introduces new themes like Yang Zing, Shaddolls, Stellarknights, and the Burning Abyss.


2014 Mega-Tins – August 29
This year’s Tins are different from previous years’ Tins, in a few ways.

First, there are only 2 Tins (we had to make space for all this other cool stuff we’re coming out with, so we scaled back on the Tins a bit).

Second, they’re bigger! Mega-Tins are physically larger than the old Tins, so Duelists who like using their Tins to store their cards will be able to cram more cards in here.

Third, instead of regular booster packs, Mega-Tins come with Mega-Tin Mega-Packs! Mega Packs first appeared in Legendary Collection 2, and have been a big hit, so we’re expanding their use into this year’s Tins.

The Mega-Tin Mega-Pack set is a 247-card set that reprints the best chunk of cards from the previous year’s sets (Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, Judgment of the Light, Shadow Specters, and Legacy of the Valiant). Since each of these booster sets was 100 cards, obviously not everything is in here. But most of the really good stuff is.

Each Mega-Tin Mega-Pack has 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Rare, and 12 Commons. You get 3 Mega-Packs per Mega-Tin.

Note that unlike Legendary Collection Mega Packs, NO RARITIES HAVE BEEN CHANGED in the Mega-Tin Mega-Packs. Everything is the same rarity as the original version. What that means is that each Mega-Tin will include 3 Secrets, 3 Ultras, and 3 Supers (plus Rares & Commons!) from the previous year’s sets.


Duelist Alliance Deluxe Edition – September 12
Another slight update to an item’s configuration, here. DUEA-DE will continue to have 9 packs of the latest release (Duelist Alliance) and 2 foiled-up versions of DUEA cards. But we’re bumping up the number of preview cards from the following set. So you’ll get 3 (out of a possible 5) preview cards from November’s The New Challengers booster set.

Oh, and the storage boxes for DUEA-DE are Lightsworn & Shaddoll.


Legendary Collection 5D’s – October 24
October means Legendary Collection time, and Legendary Collection 5 is, as many had guessed, based on Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. LC5 comes with 5 Legendary Collection-style 9-card Mega-Packs (with switched-up rarities, unlike the Mega-Tin Mega-Packs), and 5 special foil cards per box: Shooting Quasar Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, the brand new Stardust Flash, and 2 new Nordic monsters.


Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set – November 21
This Noble Knights Deck is ALL-FOIL, featuring the new Platinum Rare technology never used before.

Noble Knights have been getting stronger and stronger since they first appeared a little over two years ago. But they’ve lacked one key ingredient, until now: Merlin!

In addition to Merlin, this Box Set comes with another brand new Noble Knight monster, and a new Spell Card.

It also comes with a 3-card Power-Up Pack, where you can get Platinum Rare versions of cards that go great in any Deck, like Effect Veiler or Forbidden Lance.

Plus a pack of 70 Round Table card sleeves.

Plus a Noble Knights rubber Game Mat.

That sure is a lot of stuff. Good thing the box it all comes in is HUGE!




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