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Put Your Hands Together for Pot of Dichotomy!

July 3rd, 2014

After a breakout showing at YCS Philadelphia, Pot of Dichotomy has finally caught on amongst tournament-going Duelists! The spiritual successor to the now-Forbidden Pot of Avarice, Dichotomy’s made a big impact as a standard pick in the Hand/Artifact/Traptrix Deck, and for good reason…

To activate Pot of Dichotomy you need three different Types of monsters to shuffle back from your Graveyard, and that lets Ice Hand and Fire Hand really shine. Since Ice Hand’s an Aqua-type and Fire Hand’s a Pyro, they’re two of the three Types you need to make Pot of Dichotomy work. Since one Hand Special Summons the other, you can get two thirds of the way to activating Dichotomy without giving up any cards from your field all while taking two cards away from the opponent’s field.

Artifact Sanctum gives you easy access to Fairy-type monsters like Artifact Moralltach and Artifact Beagalltach. And since Traptrix Myrmeleo’s an Insect, while its companion card Traptrix Dionaea is a Plant, it’s super-easy to find just one more monster Type to follow up with your Hands. It’s like Pot of Dichotomy was made for this strategy.

That said, a ton of different decks can run Ice Hand and Fire Hand; since Aqua-types and Pyros are so rare, the monsters you play the Hands with will probably get you a third Type with ease. It gets even easier when you play with monsters that have effects you can activate from your hand…

Like the “Hand” monsters, cards like these can fit into almost any Deck, and the three above are all common in tournaments. Maxx “C” helps stop your opponent from making Special Summons by giving you free draws; Effect Veiler negates monster abilities; and Gorz the Emissary of Darkness drops from your hand when you take damage, often Special Summoning a massive Emissary of Darkness Token! Since Maxx “C” is an Insect, Effect Veiler’s a Spellcaster, and Gorz is a Fiend, there’s a good chance they’ll add more monster Types to your strategy.

And there are even more choices where those came from! D.D. Crow’s a Winged Beast, while Construction Train Signal Red and Ally of Justice Cycle Reader are both Machines. By combining these cards with the Hands it’s really easy to get the spread of monsters you need for Pot of Dichotomy.

So lots of Decks have the right monsters, but what else? Since Pot of Dichotomy makes you skip your Battle Phase the turn you play it, it works best in Decks that have a good defense coupled with explosive plays that make for fast wins; you want to keep yourself from losing, and you want to leverage your extra draws into victory as fast as possible. Several decks fit that description:

While Madolches have lots of effects that shuffle themselves back into the Deck they don’t shuffle back Xyz Materials automatically, and they’re really good at running Fire Hand and Ice Hand. The Madolches that see the most use are Beasts, like Madolche Hootcake and Madolche Mewfeuille; Fairies like Madolche Anjelly and Madolche Queen Tiaramisu; and Warriors, like Madolche Messengelato and the guest star M-X-Saber Invoker. Madolche Decks are great at exploding with long strings of Summons, too and finishing by completely wiping the field without needing to attack – they totally fit the profile.

Constellars and Evilswarm aren’t quite as explosive, but they run lots of different monster Types and they both have powerful control effects that help you survive the turns where you’ve given up your Battle Phase. Constellar Pleiades bounces cards off the field with its Spell Speed 2 ability, so it’s really tough to attack; Evilswarm Ophion stops your opponent from Special Summoning high-Level monsters, warding off threats like Artifacts, Dragon Rulers, and Mermails. Both strategies play big traps lineups too.

It’s kind of weird that Pot of Dichotomy took this long to catch on, but it’s definitely arrived! Could you be using it to win Duels? Look at the monsters you play see if you have enough monster Types, and then look at how well you defend and make explosive attacks. Pot of Dichotomy might be just what you need to up your game.