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Building Battle Pack 3 – Part 3: Monsters United!

July 24th, 2014

Last Friday we took a look at the general design goals of Battle Pack 3: Monster League, talked about some of the new Spell & Trap power cards in the set that you should look for, and touched a bit on how good Koa’ki Meiru monsters are in this unique format.

Today is Monster Day, and we’re gonna talk a lot more about some of the monsters in the set and how they work with the Monster League Special Rule.

For anybody who hasn’t heard, the Monster League rule is simple: All monsters are all Types.

A simple rule with huge repercussions!


Revival Monsters

First up, we’ve got a bunch of monsters that let you revive from the Graveyard. Like I said last time, Special Summoning is toned way down in this set compared to Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants, because you don’t need the ability to crank out Tribute fodder anymore.

Special Summoning this time is based around revival and recovery. Getting your monsters back after they’ve been destroyed by battle.

 BP03-EN044 BP03-EN069 BP03-EN046 BP03-EN009

  BP03-EN052 BP03-EN084 BP03-EN036

Magical Exemplar is the most enduring card here, since she can keep using her power as long as she has enough Spell Counters. She gets 2 Spell Counters for each Spell played (including your opponent’s Spells), and can remove any number of Spell Counters to Special Summon 1 Spellcaster of that Level from your hand or Graveyard. Of course, since everything is a Spellcaster, any of your monsters are fair game. With 1700 ATK (pretty respectable in this format), Magical Exemplar’s got a great chance of sticking around a few turns and reviving multiple monsters, especially if you pump her up with an Equip or two. (Use an Equip Spell, and you’ll get 2 Spell Counters in the bargain.)

Shutendoji doesn’t let you Special Summon, but he does let you revive monsters, in a roundabout way. The cons compared to Magical Exemplar are he’s slower to do it, and you’ll have to Normal Summon what you get back. On the plus side, he’s more versatile in what he does, and doesn’t need other cards like Spells to make his effect work. The way he works is to banish any 2 monsters from your Graveyard to draw a card. OR, instead, you can take 1 of your banished monsters, and put it on top of your Deck. Since you can banish to draw, and then next turn put a banished monster on top of your deck to draw after that, you can use this to get your best monsters back into the game. Or you can just turn monsters in the Graveyard into cards in the hand, just by drawing extra cards, and never bother to use his return-to-Deck ability.

Monster League has several monsters where you get something back when they’re destroyed or in the Graveyard. You can banish Mezuki to Special Summon any other monster from your Graveyard, for instance. When Lord Poison is destroyed by battle, you can Special Summon any other monster in your Graveyard. Likewise, when Seed of Flame is destroyed by a card effect, you get to do the same, plus your opponent gets an ATK 0 / DEF 0 Token monster that your piercers (see below) can smash through.

TIP: If you draft a bunch of revival cards, try to snag Sacred Crane as well. It has 1600 ATK, and if Special Summoned lets you draw an extra card. Since Sacred Crane’s effect only works as a combo with Special Summon mechanics, you might be able to snag it later in the draft round, without having to use up one of your earlier picks.

Some of our playtesters consider Silent Psychic Wizard one of the best cards in this set. When he’s Normal Summoned, you banish 1 monster in your Graveyard. Then, if Silent Psychic Wizard is ever sent to the Graveyard, you get to Special Summon the banished monster you chose when you Summoned him. So if he ever dies, he replaces himself with a fresh monster. He’s also got 1900 ATK, which is on the high end for this set.

Finally we get to The Immortal Bushi, who’s a bit selfish because the only thing he ever revives is himself. And he won’t come to the field if you have any other monsters on the field (prima donna!). But he can come back every turn, so he’s great to have when you just can’t draw any monsters, just so he’ll block an attack every turn. And of course, after you summon The Immortal Bushi, nothing stops you from summoning more monsters that same turn to build up your army.

(As a side note, The Immortal Bushi’s effect only works when ALL monsters in your Graveyard are Warrior-Type. Not a problem with the Monster League rule.)


Monster League Union Benefits: 400 ATK FOR EVERYONE!!!

Being on the same team has a lot of advantages when you’re a monster. Especially with Freya, Spirit of Victory or Spined Gillman on your team.

BP03-EN027 BP03-EN059

Freya gives all Fairy-Type monsters you control 400 ATK & DEF. Spined Gillman gives all Fish, Sea Serpents, and Aqua-Type monsters 400 ATK.

Since all monsters are all Types, both benefits apply to all of your monsters. So Freya gives everything 400 ATK & DEF, and Spined Gillman gives everything 400 ATK.

Spined Gillman starts off with 1300 ATK vs. Freya’s 100 ATK. Since they buff themselves, that makes him 1700 counting his own effect, compared to Freya’s 500. Freya makes up for her weak personal stats though with some defense, because as long as you control any other monster, your opponent cannot attack Freya. Only when everything else has been destroyed does Freya become open to attack.


More Monster League Union Benefits: EVERYONE HAS PIERCING!!!

BP03-EN011 BP03-EN053 BP03-EN089 BP03-EN101

With Type restrictions waived, all 4 of these monsters give everyone on your team piercing battle damage. Because everyone is a Beast, a Beast-Warrior, a Winged Beast, an Insect, a Reptile, a Fish, a Sea Serpent, and Aqua-Type.

You’ll usually see monsters in Attack Position more than Defense in Monster League, but this can be helpful when your opponent has some chump blocker that just won’t go away.

(Like The Immortal Bushi…)


Sea Koala & Tree Otter

The Duo from Down Under are lending their talents to the entire Monster League! Normally, to use Sea Koala or Tree Otter you need a Beast other than the monster itself. In Battle Pack 3, that changes to just needing another monster!

Sea Koala can change any monster’s ATK to 0 for the turn, including the pumps from all of their Equips. Even the almighty Aye-Iron trembles in fear at this marvelous marine mammal!

Tree Otter works on the other end of the spectrum, pumping 1 monster you control by +1000 ATK for the rest of the turn. While not a guaranteed kill like Sea Koala, Tree Otter is usually just as effective in eliminating specific monsters, and can also do extra damage with direct attacks (where Sea Koala is no help).

BP03-EN038 BP03-EN062

These guys can quickly turn control of the field around. All you need is to be able to Special Summon 1 other monster the turn you Summon Sea Koala / Tree Otter. Which is where cards that Special Summon can come in really handy. (Like The Immortal Bushi…)


That’s enough for today. Check back tomorrow and we’ll talk about more individual cards that let you use their teammates like never before!

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