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Starry Knight

July 29th, 2014

We talked about Satellarknights yesterday, and you probably noticed how many of their effects look for “tellarknights”, not “Satellarknights” – today, we talk about the other kind of ‘tellarknight! The Stellarknights are the upgraded Satellarknights, their powerful Xyz Monsters! Each of the three major new Deck themes in Duelist Alliance is super compatible with one of the three types of Extra Deck monsters, and ‘tellarknights, being all Level 4 LIGHT Warriors with Summoning tricks, are most compatible with Xyz Monsters! Today, we’ll be taking an in depth look at Stellarknight Delteros, a stellar Rank 4 Xyz Monster for any Deck that’s most at home in ‘tellarknight Decks!

Stellarknight Delteros
is a Rank 4 Xyz Monster that requires any three Level 4 monsters as Xyz Materials – that makes it a great option in ‘tellarknight Decks as well as anything that uses Rank 4’s! Delteros has a trio of fantastic effects, which play to the strengths of the ‘tellarknight strategy while helping any other Deck too.

First off, Delteros’s Continuous Effect. As long as Delteros has an Xyz Material, your opponent cannot respond to your Normal or Special Summons! That means no Torrential Tribute, no Bottomless Trap Hole, or anything of the sort.With all of the Satellarknights activating upon their Summons, this is a great way to safely make your best plays – Delteros will even prevent a Divine Wrath/Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare/Effect Veiler in response to their effects! Since the Continuous Effect kicks in the moment Delteros is on the field, it’ll even protect its own Summon from card effects!

The second effect needs little explanation, especially to anyone familiar with Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. With Delteros’s Ignition Effect, you can detach an Xyz Material to destroy any one card on the field – no Tributing required! Since Delteros requires three monsters to Summon, this is a great way to make a return on your investment.

Finally, Delteros’s third effect gives you a bonus for using it in a dedicated ‘tellarknight Deck! Any time it goes from the field to the Graveyard, Delteros will Special Summon a ‘tellarknight from your hand or your Deck! It’ll be tough for your opponent to destroy Delteros between its first two effects, but if they do, you’ll get a new card to replace it. That ‘tellarknight will activate its effect as well, so you’re really not losing too much in the end. Take care to remember, Delteros just has to go to the Graveyard by any means – you can use your own cards to set it off too! If you have to activate a Torrential Tribute or Dark Hole, Delteros will keep your field intact. Opponent plays Mystical Space Typhoon on your Call of the Haunted? Chain Call to revive Delteros and get a new monster for free. You can also use Delteros to pay for Stellarnova Alpha! Have Delteros destroy a card, then negate a card with Stellarnova Alpha. You’ll draw a card, then Summon a new ‘tellarknight and activate its effect!

Bringing Stellarknight Delteros to the field is surprisingly easy, despite its three-material requirement. In fact, all of the existing three-material Xyz Monsters are a lot easier to play now that you can Pendulum Summon your Xyz Materials to the field! Even without a big combo, you can quickly put down the necessary Xyz Materials to play Delteros – and Delteros’s effect will then protect your future Pendulum Summons!

In a ‘tellarknight Deck, most of your big Xyz plays will come from Satellarknight Altair. One simple way to play Delteros would be to start off with Altair, and have it bring Satellarknight Vega to the field. Vega will Special Summon a ‘tellarknight from your hand, and you’ve already got three monsters! If you don’t have Vega in the Graveyard, you can have Altair revive something else, like Alsahm, then use Satellarknight Skybridge to finish the job.

Whether you’re using ‘tellarknights or not, nobody can argue against the power of Soul Charge! At the loss of some Life Points and a Battle Phase, Soul Charge makes huge Xyz plays with ease! You can definitely play Soul Charge for Delteros in any strategy, but it especially shines in the ‘tellarknight Deck. Load your Graveyard with Satellarknight Unukalhai and your usual combos with Vega and Altair, then bring it all back later to use every Satellarknight’s effect again before you Xyz Summon Delteros!

In non-‘tellarknight Decks, there are still plenty of ways to get three Xyz Materials. Pendulum Summoning works, of course – whether you’re playing Pendulum Monsters from your Extra Deck or just throwing a spare monster down from your hand, it’s no trouble getting three monsters to the field. Heroic Challenger – Double Lance is a powerful Xyz tool, and Delteros is another Warrior to add to its arsenal. A huge number of cards like Traptrix Dionaea or Nikitama make it easier to play Delteros, or help to mitigate the effort of Summoning it. There’s really no limit to where Delteros can be played, since it has generic Summoning requirements and every Deck likes Delteros’s effects. Take a look at any of your existing Decks that play Rank 4 Xyz Monsters, because Delteros can be a great fit!

Stellarknight Delteros is an awesome card, paired up with his fellow Satellarknights or any other Level 4 monsters. You can give it a try when Duelist Alliance launches on August 15th, or if you’re lucky, a bit early at a Duelist Alliance Sneak Peek on August 9th and/or 10th!