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A Dark Rebellion is Brewing…

October 24th, 2014

There are lots of Rank 4 Xyz Monsters with all sorts of different abilities. Soon, another powerful new Rank 4 Xyz Monster will step onto the tournament scene. The New Challengers introduces Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
is a Rank 4 Xyz Monster that can be Summoned by combining any 2 Level 4 monsters. That makes it a perfect fit into any Deck that uses Level 4 monsters, including Tellarknight Decks, Shaddoll Decks, Lightsworn Decks, and more.

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon starts off with 2500 ATK, which isn’t too shabby for a Rank 4 monster. But its special ability is what makes Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon particularly impressive.

By detaching 2 Xyz Materials from Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, you can halve the ATK of an opponent’s face-up monster, and increase Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon’s ATK by the number of Attack Points that your opponent’s monster lost.

Typically, using Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon’s effect against an opponent’s face-up monster – no matter how strong that monster is – will leave your Xyz Dragon with 2500 more Attack Points than the monster you target. Not only will this enable your Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to make short work of your opponent’s monster, but it’ll usually allow your Xyz Dragon to deal 2500 points of damage to your opponent’s Life Points with its next attack.

Note that Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon’s effect doesn’t expire at the end of your turn. Any Attack Points lost by an opponent’s monster are permanently lost, and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon gains those Attack Points to strengthen all of its future attacks. That leaves Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon with the potential to wreak havoc on an opponent’s field and Life Points for many turns.

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon also has the added bonus of being a DARK monster with at least 2500 ATK. That means you can Tribute it to activate Deck Devastation Virus or Eradicator Epidemic Virus – two powerful Trap Cards that can crush an opponent’s strategy by eliminating your opponent’s key cards.

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon is a Rank 4 powerhouse that will make its way into lots of Duelists’ Extra Decks. You can first get your hands on Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon at the The New Challengers Sneak Peek on November 1st and 2nd! The New Challengers launches on November 7th.