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Pendulum Power! Qliphort Assembly Engine

October 28th, 2014

The Qliphorts are like nothing you’ve ever played before. Debuting in The New Challengers, the Qliphort theme’s all about setting up Pendulum Summons, then leveraging them into swarming attacks and big Tribute Summons. Many Qliphorts give you special bonuses when you Tribute Summon them, or Tribute them for a Summon –since all but one of the Qliphorts are Pendulum Monsters they go right back to your Extra Deck when you Tribute them off. Since you can Pendulum Summon monsters from your Extra Deck, you can keep Tributing the same Qliphorts over and over.

Yes! You heard that right: nearly all the “Qliphort” monsters are Pendulum Monsters! That makes it really easy to load up your Pendulum Zones, because instead of hunting around looking for two specific cards, you can use almost any pair of Qliphorts.

Qliphort Carrier
and Qliphort Disk each have a Pendulum Scale of 1, so they cover one half of your set-up. On the other side you can play the Scale 9 Qliphort Helix, Qliphort Shell, or Qliphort Scout. The Scout’s your best choice because it has an incredibly powerful Pendulum Effect: once per turn you can pay 800 Life Points to search any other “Qli” card from your deck, adding it to your hand.

If you have Scout you can use its effect to search the other half of your Pendulum Scale, and from there you can use it to seek out the rest of your monsters. Since the Qliphors all have unique effects, Qliphort Scout gets you the right ones at the right time. It can even search out Spell and Trap Cards! Every turn, Qliphort Scout’s going to get you a free card from your deck.

The drawback? Qliphort Scout’s Pendulum Effect stops you from Special Summoning anything but “Qli” monsters. No worries there – we’ll show you how to play around that a little later!

So Qliphort Scout’s mega-important because it sets up your Pendulum Scale and your Tribute Summons. But how do you set up Qliphort Scout?

You’ll want to run three different cards to make sure you see Qliphort Scout every game – there’s no shortage of search power! Since the Scout’s a Normal Monster you can search it straight from your deck with Summoner’s Art. Super-easy! You can grab it with Saqlifice, too. It’s an Equip Spell Card with four effects:

Saqlifice boosts your “Qli” monster’s ATK by 300.

-It protects your monster from battle.

-The equipped monster can count as 2 Tributes when you Tribute Summon another “Qli”.

-And if Saqlifice is sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can search your deck for a “Qli” monster.

You can even use Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! When Odd-Eyes is in a Pendulum Zone, you have the option to destroy it in your End Phase to search any Pendulum Monster with 1500 ATK or less. That includes Qliphort Scout. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is a nice call here: since all of your Pendulum Monsters are between Levels 5 and 8, you can use Odd-Eyes to fill the low end of your Pendulum Scale in a pinch. It even helps you create your ultimate set-up…


You’ve got two powerful Qliphort monsters at Pendulum Scale 1, but the best Pendulum Monster to pair with Qliphort Scout isn’t a Qliphort at all! Performapal Trampolynx clocks in at Scale 4 – that’s low enough to let you Pendulum Summon all your Qliphorts.

Trampolynx’s effect triggers when you Pendulum Summon monsters successfully: it lets you target a card in either Duelist’s Pendulum Zone and return it to their hand. That means you can pay 800 Life Points to search a “Qli” card with Qliphort Scout; bounce the Scout back to your hand with Performapal Trampolynx’s effect; then play the Scout again. Do that and you can activate its effect a second time, so you can search two cards from your Deck every turn you keep the combo going!

Since you can Pendulum Summon all your Qliphorts at once, you’ll overwhelm your opponent with those free cards really fast. Getting Qliphort Scout off the field also frees you from its Special Summoning restrictions too, and since Qliphorts become Level 4 when they’re Special Summoned or Normal Summoned without Tribute, you can make instant Rank 4 plays. You can even search Trampolynx with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.

Stick with us, because tomorrow we’re going to show you the ins and outs of Tribute Summoning with the Qliphort theme! Once you’ve filled your Pendulum Zones and start Pendulum Summoning you can make some huge, Duel-dominating moves, so get ready for The New Challengers Sneak Peek this weekend, and the full launch of The New Challengers on November 7th!