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The Price of Victory!

November 6th, 2014

The New Challengers introduces the latest addition to the Solemn series of Trap Cards: Solemn Scolding! Solemn Scolding will stop any Summon, Spell Card, Trap Card, or Monster Effect… for a price.

Solemn Scolding’s
rawpower, the scope of things it can negate, surpasses that of any Solemn Trap Card before it – including the Forbidden Solemn Judgment! But there are a few strings attached to the activation of Solemn Scolding

First, you can only use Solemn Scolding if it’s the only Set card in your Spell & Trap Card Zone. Second, Solemn Scolding costs 3000 Life Points to activate.

After it’s activated, Solemn Scolding can negate a monster’s Summon, negate the activation of a Spell Card, negate the activation of a Trap Card, or negate the activation of a monster’s effect. It’ll also destroy the card that it negates. Its spectacular versatility and its power to stop anything make it an amazing card for lots of different Decks. But some Decks can use it more effectively than others.

Since you must have no other face-down back rows in order to activate Solemn Scolding (but you can have as many face-up back rows as you want), Solemn Scolding shines best in Decks that don’t Set a lot of face-down back rows, or Decks with face-down back rows that are Chainable and don’t stay face-down for long.

Lightsworn variants, for example, typically don’t play a lot of face-down back rows, so they can use Solemn Scolding effectively. Similarly, Noble KnightDecks will generally have lots of face-up Equip Spell Cards, but very few face-down cards in the Spell & Trap Card Zone. That means Noble Knight Duelists can use Solemn Scolding to protect their most important Noble Knight monsters and counter their opponent’s most threatening cards.

Solemn Scolding’s 3000 Life Point cost may seem steep at first glance, but for a card that can stop just about anything, it’s actually quite reasonable. When Solemn Judgment was legal in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Advanced Format, Duelists used it to secure their strongest plays and squash whichever card could have been key to their opponent’s comeback. Solemn Scolding works the same way. You can use it to negate and destroy your opponent’s scariest threats, or you can use it to crush any chance of an opponent’s recovery.

Solemn Scolding is an incredible card with power reminiscent of Solemn Judgment. You can add Solemn Scolding to your Deck when The New Challengers is released on November 7th!