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Secrets of Eternity: Let’s Get Metaphysical

January 6th, 2015

The Secrets of Eternity Sneak Peeks are this weekend, so today we’ll be looking at one of SECE’s coolest new Synchro Monsters. It’s a new form of one of my favorite cards in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and it’s called Metaphys Horus!


Like Metaphys Armed Dragon before it, Metaphys Horus is a spiritual form of a classic Dragon-type monster. Now a Wyrm-type, this monster has three effects based on the original effects of Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4, LV6, and LV8, all rolled into one!

Metaphys Horus is a Level 6 Synchro Monster, so it reflects the original Horus LV6’s 2300 ATK and 1600 DEF. It has three effects that can kick in if it’s Synchro Summoned, each depending on what non-Tuner Synchro Materials you used.

If you used a Normal Monster to Summon Metaphys Horus, it will be unaffected by all other card effects during that turn! That makes it safe against monsters like Shaddoll Dragon, and even your own Dark Hole and such. Basically, it’s Horus LV6 for a turn, but for all card effects.

If you went with an Effect Monster as the Synchro Material, Metaphys Horus lets you target any card on the field and negate it. That’s a permanent negation – it won’t wear off at the end of the turn, and it won’t go away even if Metaphys Horus does. Horus LV8 could negate all Spell Cards, and this is Metaphys Horus’s way of expanding that.

The final effect takes place if you use a Pendulum Monster for your non-Tuner. This effect puts your opponent on the spot – they’ve got to decide which monster they want the least, because they’re handing it over to you! You can’t attack with that monster during that turn, but that’s the one and only limitation. The control change doesn’t wear off at the end of the turn, and Horus itself can still attack. This is a reverse of Horus LV4’s effect, which prevented it from changing control. Try using when they’ve only got one monster, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll receive!

One of the biggest reasons to use Metaphys Horus is for that third effect. Why’s that? Because you’ll always get one of the other effects too! Since all Pendulum Monsters are also classified as either Normal or Effect monsters, you get to double up on effects! If you use a Normal Pendulum Monster like the new Sneak Peek promo card Dragoons of Draconia, you’ll take a monster while Horus is immune to effects. Use an Effect Pendulum Monster instead, and you’ll steal one monster while negating another card! Whichever route you take, the Pendulum Monster will go to the Extra Deck to be reused later via Pendulum Summon – perfect for another Horus!

Metaphys Horus brings some new tricks to any Synchro-based Deck, especially those focusing on Pendulum Summons. Keep taking your opponent’s monsters with Horus, while negating their other cards or just being entirely immune to them! You could pick up a Metaphys Horus as soon as this weekend at the SECE Sneak Peek!



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