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Secrets of Eternity: Full Spectrum Fusion

January 9th, 2015

Shaddolls have been a popular Deck for the last few months, and for good reason. The ability to gain card advantage from performing Fusion Summons, plus the mind games of Shaddoll Fusion deterring your opponent from Summoning monsters from the Extra Deck makes for a devastating combination. One of the problems of the Deck is finding monsters of the right Attributes for the monsters you want to Fusion Summon – having easy access to the right Attribute at the right time would be very helpful to a Shaddoll Duelist. That’s where Nephe Shaddoll Fusion comes in!

Nephe Shaddoll Fusion
is an Equip Spell Card that you can Equip to your “Shaddoll” monsters. It allows you to pick an Attribute when you activate it, and treat the equipped monster as that Attribute. In addition, you can use Nephe Shaddoll Fusion’s second effect to Fusion Summon a “Shaddoll” monster during your Main Phase! You have to use the equipped monster as one of the Fusion Materials, but that’s not really a problem since you’ll just equip it to the monster you want to use as Fusion Material anyways.

The first major benefit of Nephe Shaddoll Fusion is that you can easily access any Attribute required for a Fusion Summon. El Shaddoll Grysta was previously so difficult to Summon that it was often cut from Shaddoll player’s Extra Decks. Now, you can easily Fusion Summon it any time you like, which is great for negating Pendulum Summons against Qliphort Decks. The best part is that your Shaddoll Fusion Monsters all return a “Shaddoll” Spell/Trap Card to your hand when they’re destroyed, so you’ll easily be able to reuse your Nephe Shaddoll Fusion to continue Summoning all kinds of monsters!

Nephe Shaddoll Fusion is also being released at a really great time. Super Polymerization has just become Forbidden, cutting Shaddoll Decks down from 7 Fusion Spells to 6. With just 3 Shaddoll Fusion and 3 El-Shaddoll Fusion at their disposal, Shaddoll Duelists have fewer cards to Fusion Summon with. Now that Nephe Shaddoll Fusion is here, Shaddoll Decks can run more Fusion cards than ever, taking their Fusion Spells up to a possible 9 cards! Another thing worth trying out is using Hidden Armory in your Deck. Special Summon during your opponent’s turn with Sinister Shadow Games, then use Hidden Armory in your own turn to grab Nephe Shaddoll Fusion and start Fusion Summoning. With more opportunities to Fusion Summon than ever before, Shaddoll Decks are poised to be very strong in the coming months.

You can get your first shot at Nephe Shaddoll Fusion this weekend at the Secrets of Eternity Sneak Peek! Secrets of Eternity launches on January 16th.

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