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Secrets of Eternity: Body and Soul

January 13th, 2015

Secrets of Eternity introduces Soul Transition – a brand new Trap Card that lets you draw two cards from your Deck – into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Cards that draw multiple cards at once are always powerful, and Soul Transition is no exception. All of that power comes at a price… but how big is that price, really?

Soul Transition has a couple of restrictions on its activation to help balance out its incredible power. First, you can only activate Soul Transition if you don’t control any Special Summoned monsters. Second, you can’t Special Summon monsters during the turn you activate Soul Transition. Third, you can only activate one copy of Soul Transition per turn. Finally, you must Tribute one of your face-up Level 4 monsters that you Normal Summoned or Set in order to activate Soul Transition.

Those may seem like a lot of conditions, but it’s actually quite easy to use Soul Transition. You’re usually able to decide which monsters you Summon, how you Summon them, and when you Summon those monsters during a Duel, making it simple to strategically engineer a situation in which you can activate Soul Transition to draw cards from your Deck.

Two of the most popular Decks right now – ‘tellarknights and Qliphorts – can easily take advantage of the strength of Soul Transition. Duelists using both of these Decks frequently Normal Summon Level 4 monsters that can be Tributed to activate Soul Transition without experiencing a setback.

Satellarknight Decks are full of Level 4 monsters with effects that activate when they’re Summoned. Those monsters are thereafter expendable. The Level 4 Satellarknight Deneb lets you search your Deck for a “tellarknight” monster and add it to your hand if it’s Summoned and the Level 4 Satellarknight Unukalhai lets you send a “tellarknight” card from your Deck to your Graveyard if it’s Summoned. The new Satellarknight Rigel can buff itself up to 2400 ATK for the turn, but is doomed during the End Phase if you do it. All of these monsters and more are great options to Tribute with Soul Transition in order to draw cards after reaping the benefits of their effects.


Similarly, Pendulum Monsters in Qliphort Decks work well with Soul Transition. Qliphort Disk, Qliphort Shell, Qliphort Carrier, and Qliphort Helix can all be Normal Summoned as Level 4 monsters, and then Tributed to activate Soul Transition and draw 2 cards. Plus, since they would be sent from the field to the Graveyard when they’re Tributed, they’re sent to the Extra Deck instead, and can be Pendulum Summoned later on.

As an added bonus, Qliphort Carrier and Qliphort Helix have special effects that activate if they’re Tributed – even if they’re Tributed to activate Soul Transition! If Qliphort Carrier is Tributed, you can return a monster on the field to the hand. If Qliphort Helix is Tributed, you can destroy a Spell or Trap Card on the field. You can activate these effects and even claim the effect of an equipped Saqlifice, all while drawing 2 cards, making Soul Transition hugely powerful in Qliphort Decks.


Soul Transition
is a powerful card that fits into two of the most popular Decks; but it also gives a big boost to other Decks that rely on Level 4 monsters, including Gadgets, Fire Fists, Geargia, and more! If you missed out on Soul Transition at the Sneak Peeks this past weekend, don’t worry, because Secrets of Eternity launches this Friday, the 16th!