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Secrets of Eternity: Light Up The Night!

January 23rd, 2015

Secrets of Eternity has been legal for nearly a week now. I’m sure many of you out there already have a favorite card or two from the set that you’re trying to work into your current Deck, or even build a brand new Deck around! In general, each new card falls into one of those categories: a card that goes in Decks that already exist, or a card that becomes part of a brand new Deck. But sometimes, you get a card that does both, and all kinds of cool stuff becomes possible.

Stellarknight Constellar Diamond is a rare example of a card that falls into two differently named themes at once. It serves essentially the same purpose whether your play it in Constellars or in ‘tellarknights: telling Shaddoll and Burning Abyss Decks to pack it in. While it has any Xyz Materials, cards can’t be sent from the Deck to the Graveyard and cards that return from the Graveyard to the hand are banished. That means Shaddoll Fusion is stuck being Polymerization, you can destroy El Shaddolls at will, and Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss can neither gain ATK nor retrieve a card when it goes to the Graveyard. That assumes, of course, that Dante can make it to the field in the first place, which is extremely difficult thanks to Diamond’s other effect: As a Quick Effect, you can detach 1 Xyz Material from Stellarknight Constellar Diamond to negate the activation of an opponent’s DARK monster’s effect and destroy it.

This is obviously devastating, as it’ll block the next 3 or 4 Burning Abyss Special Summons your opponent tries to make, since those are effects that start a Chain. Tour Guide from the Underworld is out, as she’s a DARK monster too. A Shaddoll Duelist at least has a chance to break free if they have Nephe Shaddoll Fusion or a LIGHT monster available to fuse for El Shaddoll Construct, but short of removal, it’s usually lights out.

So what do you have to do to get this thing on the field? It depends on what Deck you play! In a Constellar Deck, you’ll likely fork over the 3 or more Level 5 LIGHT monsters. Constellar monsters are pretty easy to get out of your Deck between Fire Formation – Tenki, Reinforcement of the Army, and Constellar Algieri. They’re also pretty easy to get out of your Graveyard, and you won’t be wanting for extra Normal Summons either between Constellar Sombre and Constellar Pollux. Summons, monsters, and Level fixing are everywhere in that theme. A nice third Material is Constellar Siat, a monster that combines extra Summons and Level fixing into one card!

On the ‘tellarknight side of things, you could use Satellarknight Capella’s effect, but it’s generally more in keeping with an aggressive ‘tellarknight strategy to use Diamond’s alternate Summoning requirement: In Main Phase 2, you can use a “tellarknight” Xyz Monster as the Xyz Material, and all of its Materials will transfer over to Diamond! In fact, you don’t even need to change your Main Deck at all to add this move to your arsenal. Just make your Stellarknight Triverr play as usual and attack, but instead of detaching a Material in Main Phase 2, which you wouldn’t do anyways because Burning Abyss and Shaddoll cards love going to the Graveyard, throw Stellarknight Constellar Diamond on top instead and give yourself a 2700 ATK monster loaded up with 4 Xyz Materials to negate stuff with!

Those are two ways you could use Stellarknight Constellar Diamond in Decks that already exist. Another could be using it in a Gadget or Traptrix Deck. You can easily gather 3 Level 4 monsters for Stellarknight Delteros and use that as the Xyz Material for Diamond. In fact, any current or future Deck that can gather 3 Level 4 monsters can do it this way. But the existence of this card also gives rise to a new possibility: If you have a new monster with both “Constellar” and “Stellarknight” in the name, is it possible to build a new Deck that combines the Constellar and ‘tellarknight strategies?

Of course it is! While such a Decklist would look very odd to the casual observer, the advantages of such a strategy are clear. Access to Stellarknight Triverr, Constellar Pleiades, and Stellarknight Constellar Diamond all in the same Deck is scary! You also have access to a ton of searching for both themes, and the cards share a common proclivity for Xyz Summoning. If you’re looking for a cool Deck concept to work on that combines old and new themes, give this one a try! You can even bring your BFF Bear along for the ride.

Secrets of Eternity is available now!