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Stark Contrast

January 31st, 2015

The star monster of the HERO Strike Structure Deck is Contrast HERO Chaos – a 3000 ATK monster with the rare ability to negate the effect of any card on the field!


Contrast HERO Chaos is a lot like Chazz’s ace monster from the GX manga, Light and Darkness Dragon. Both are LIGHT and DARK monsters on the field, and both have the ability to negate Spell, Trap, and monster effects. Unlike Light and Darkness Dragon, Contrast HERO Chaos gives you control over what you negate instead of trying to negate everything, negates all the effects of the card it targets, and doesn’t lose any ATK or DEF points. In return, you can only negate 1 card’s effects during each turn and only works on cards that are on the field and their effects that activate on the field.

This is obviously useful against monsters along with Continuous/Equip/Field/Pendulum cards, but what might not be immediately apparent is that you can also negate the effects of cards like Normal Spells and Traps! Just because they don’t stick around on the field after the Chain is over doesn’t mean they aren’t eligible targets for the effect of Contrast HERO Chaos. Just keep in mind that this Quick Effect is Spell Speed 2 – you can’t negate a Counter Trap with it because Counter Traps are Spell Speed 3.


To Summon Contrast HERO Chaos, you’ll need to use 2 “Masked HERO” monsters as Fusion Materials. Mask Change and Mask Change II are easy to pull out of your Deck thanks to Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, and after you use the first Mask Change you can retrieve it back from your Graveyard, along with a “HERO” monster, with Mask Charge. Once you have your 2 Masked HEROes, you can fuse them together with Polymerization, but if you want to get the most work out of them, you might want to hold off until your opponent has dealt with them both and then play Miracle Fusion.

How does that work when Miracle Fusion can only be used on “Elemental HERO” Fusion Monsters? It’s simple! Contrast HERO Chaos says that it’s always treated as an “Elemental HERO” card! That’s a fact of its existence, just like how Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast is always treated as a “Phantom Beast” monster, so all of your cards that look for “Elemental HERO” monsters will work on Contrast HERO Chaos. Thanks to its compatibility with Miracle Fusion, Contrast HERO Chaos is the ultimate finisher, swooping in to lock in a victory after your Masked HEROes break down the opponent’s defenses.

You can tune up your own HERO Deck or build a new one from scratch today, with the HERO Strike Structure Deck!