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The Spiritual Successors to Spirits!

February 12th, 2015

Secrets of Eternity debuted two monsters from a mysterious new tribe – Yosenju Tsujik at Level 4, and Yosenju Magat at Level 6.

Tsujik works a lot like Honest or Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow: when one of your Yosenju battles another monster, you can discard it from your hand to boost your battling Yosenju by 1000 ATK. Or, when Tsujik’s on the field you can target a Yosenju to buff it by 1000 Attack Points that way. Yosenju Magat is a Level 6 Tribute Monster, but when you Normal Summon it, you get to Special Summon another Yosenju with a different name from your Deck.


Together these two monsters can deal up to 4000 battle damage in one turn, with Magat Special Summoning Tsujik straight to the field. But they each had another effect that oldschool Duelists will recognize: during the End Phase, Magat returns to your hand if it was Special Summoned; and Tsujik returns to your hand if it was Normal Summoned. They look a lot like classic Spirit monsters – think Tsukuyomi or Kinka-byo – except the Spirits were at a disadvantage: they could never be Special Summoned, and they’d always return to your hand no matter what.

With only two Yosenju to start, you only had one monster to Special Summon with Magat, and just two to boost with Tsujik. But Secret Forces unleashes the full power of the Yosenju family, spanning some intense Normal Summons and some killer Pendulum Monsters! Check out the new frontline forces for the Yosenju theme…



Meet Yosenju Kama 1, Yosenju Kama 2, and Yosenju Kama 3. They all share two effects: first, when you Normal Summon any one of these Beast-Warriors, you can Normal Summon any Yosenju from your hand with a different name. You can Summon Yosenju Kama 1, then Summon Yosenju Kama 2, then follow up with Yosenju Kama 3 for a combined total of 4900 ATK. Or Summon five of these monsters in sequence: the right combination will total up to as much as 8600 damage, making game in one turn. They work with Yosenju Tsujik too, giving you even more attack power and more opportunities to make Xyz Summons.

All three of the new Beast-Warrior Yosenju have Tsujik’s End Phase effect, jumping back to your hand if they’re Normal Summoned. That’s great, because when your opponent’s vulnerable you can throw down a bunch of attackers all at once, then bump them back to your hand to dodge stuff like Dark Hole and Raigeki. The Yosenju strike team swoop in for big damage, then disappear without a trace.

If that wasn’t cool enough, all three of these monsters have unique abilities. Yosenju Kama 1 can bounce an opposing face-up card to your opponent’s hand if you control another Yosenju. That’s awesome against Xyz and Synchros, and it can clear away a defending monster so you can deal damage.

Speaking of damage, Yosenju Kama 2 can make a direct attack at half power instead of attacking your opponent’s monsters. It’s a good finisher, and combined with Gagaga Cowboy and Number 82: Heartlandraco you can deal surprising amounts of damage even if your opponent has strong defenders. Yosenju Kama 3 builds off all that aggression: once a turn, when another “Yosenju” monster deals battle damage to your opponent, you can search your deck for a “Yosenju” card and add it to your hand. It’s a great way to put together combos.



Yosenju Kama 3’s search effect is really powerful, but it’s not the only way you can search Yosenju cards. Every time you Normal Summon or Special Summon one or more “Yosenju” monsters, you place a Yosen Counter on the Continuous Spell Yosen Training Grounds. Once per turn you can remove 1 Yosen Counter to boost all of your Yosenjus by 300 ATK. Alternatively you can remove 3 Yosen Counters to add any “Yosenju” card from your Deck to your hand, or get one back from your Graveyard.

Combined with other Yosenju attack buffs that +300 ATK can make your swarm of “Yosenju” Beast-Warriors really dangerous. And that search effect can grab your boss monster Mayosenju Daibak, and help you build your Pendulum Scale! Why would you search Mayosenju Daibak, and what do the “Yosenju” Pendulum Monsters do? Find out later this week, as we show you the other side of the Yosenju strategy from Secret Forces.