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The Mighty Mayosenju Daibak!

February 13th, 2015

Last time around we recapped the two Yosenju monsters that led the charge in Secrets of Eternity, and introduced you to three new Level 4 Beast-Warrior Yosenjus from Secret Forces! We also revealed Yosen Training Ground, a powerful Continuous Spell that boosts all of your Yosenju by 300 ATK, and adds “Yosenju” cards from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand.

We talked about how the search effects of Yosen Training Ground and Yosenju Kama 3 could help you by searching out “Yosenju” Pendulum Monsters, so today we’ll show you what those monsters are, and what makes them so good.


Yosenju Shinchu L and Yosenju Shinchu R are the two sides of your Pendulum Scale, clocking in at Scale 3 and Scale 5. When you control Yosenju Shinchu L in a Pendulum Zone, you can destroy it to take the place of a “Yosenju” monster if that monster would be destroyed by battle or a card effect. Both monsters have effects if they’re Normal Summoned: first they change to Defense Position with 2100 DEF; then, Yosenju Shinchu L prevents your opponent from targeting Yosenjus with card effects, except Shinchu L; while Yosenju Shinchu R stops your opponent from attacking your Yosenjus, except for Shinchu R.

A Pendulum Scale of 3 and 5 would let you Pendulum Summon your Beast-Warrior Yosenjus at Level 4… but that’s it. The secret? When you control two “Yosenju” Pendulum Spells, you can make Yosenju Shinchu R’s Pendulum Scale 11 instead of 5 – the highest Scale yet!

With Yosenju Shinchu R at Rank 11, you can Pendulum Summon the mighty Mayosenju Daibak. With 3000 Attack Points, Daibak has three abilities: its Pendulum Summon can’t be negated; it returns to your hand in the End Phase; and when it’s Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, you can target up to 2 cards on the field and bounce them to their owners’ hands. Whatever’s in your way, Mayosenju Daibak blows it off the table to deal 3000 damage… and clears the way for your “Yosenju” Beast-Warriors, too.

Mayosenju Daibak is a Pendulum Monster itself, so if your opponent keeps you from putting together a Scale of Yosenju Shunchu L and Yosenju Shinchu R, Daibak can take the place of Shinchu R at Scale 7. Daibak’s Pendulum Effect boosts your attacking Yosenjus by 300 AT, and Scale 7 is high enough to Pendulum Summon Yosenju Magat from Secrets of Eternity, and the new Yosenju Misak from Secret Forces.

Both of these monsters are Level 6, and both return to your hand in the End Phase if you Special Summon them. Yosenju Magat’s effect to Summon a monster from your Deck only triggers when it’s Normal Summoned, but you can Pendulum Summon it for quick damage, then return it to your hand and keep it for when you’re ready to Tribute Summon it.

Yosenju Misak is different: when you Pendulum Summon it you can target one of your opponent’s cards and destroy it for free. Every time you Pendulum Summon Misak? Free removal, and then it bounces back to your hand in the End Phase so you can destroy another card next turn. Before that happens you can attack with Misak’s strong 2300 ATK, and if it battles a face-up non-Wind monster you destroy the defender before damage calculation. Again, that’s two more effects that can clear the way for big damage with your swarming Yosenju Beast-Warriors.

How do you make sure all your combos work? It’s a Secret…

Yosenjus’ Secret Move
is a powerful Counter Trap that you can activate when you control at least one “Yosenju” card, and all monsters you control are Yosenju. Any “Yosenju” monster will do, but a face-up Pendulum Spell works just as well, so Secret Move’s easier to play than similar cards like Infernity Barrier and Stellarnova Alpha. When a Spell Card, Trap Card, or a monster effect is activated, Secret Move negates the activation and destroys that card. It’s simple, deadly, and it keeps your opponent from stopping your biggest plays.

With Yosenjus’ Secret Move and Yosenju Misak, you can get two opposing cards off the field. With Mayosenju Daibak instead, you can tackle three problem-cards at once and then unleash the fury of your Yosenju horde. You can protect your Pendulum Spells; over-extend with a field full of Yosenju Beast-Warriors all at once; or shield Yosen Training Grounds to keep getting free cards.

The Yosenju tribe attacks your opponent from two angles, unleashing big, field-clearing Pendulum Summons and then swarming the field with Level 4 Normal Summons. They’re fast and have lots of ATK buffs, but their real strength lies in all their problem-solving – they wield tons of effects that let your breeze through your opponent’s cards and walk all over their Life Points. Check out the full Yosenju theme when Secret Forces arrives this Friday!