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Return of the Bling – The Man in the Golden Mask

March 11th, 2015

Premium Gold 2: Return of the Bling is almost here, and there’s definitely something for everyone. HERO players especially are going to have a field day, as there’s a new Masked HERO in town! Although this particular Masked HERO might be able to find its home in other Decks too…


Masked HERO Anki is a Level 8 DARK Masked HERO with a superb 2800 ATK. Just like all of the other Masked HEROs, you’ll have to use Mask Change to Summon it. Anki is DARK-attribute just like Masked HERO Dark Law, which means that you can use a Mask Change on Dark Law to Summon Anki! You’ll also be able to change your Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, “Burning Abyss” and “Shaddoll” monsters into Anki. In fact, Masked HERO Anki works particularly well in other strategies, not just HERO Decks!

Masked HERO Anki has 2 choices when attacking: it can either attack as normal, or bypass your opponent’s monsters and get a direct attack in for half the damage. This ability is great for when you need the last few points of damage to win the Duel, and since Anki has 2800 ATK it’s really hard for your opponent to destroy in battle, giving you free reign to keep attacking directly. Attacking and destroying monsters is awesome too, as you’ll search your Deck for a “Change” Quick-Play Spell Card every time you destroy one! This is a great way for a Deck that isn’t using Elemental HERO Shadow Mist to search for more copies of “Change” cards, as you’ll get them for free just for attacking, which you were likely doing anyway.

Getting an extra “Change” card to use during the Battle Phase could be game-changing, as both Mask Change and Mask Change II are Quick-Play Spells that you can play from your hand during the Battle Phase. As an example, you could attack a smaller monster with a DARK monster, use Mask Change II to Summon Masked HERO Anki, attack a bigger monster with Anki, search out Mask Change, play it to swap Anki out for Masked HERO Dark Law, attack a monster your want to banish, and then finish up your turn with Dark Law on the field and a wrench firmly planted in your opponent’s strategy.

Since Masked HERO Anki is a DARK monster, it’s easy for it to find a home in any DARK-based Deck already using Mask Change II. You can use Mask Change II to change any monster into a Masked HERO with the same Attribute but a higher Level, so it’s easy to add Anki to any Deck that’s already using Mask Change II. Both Shaddoll and Burning Abyss Decks are using the power of Masked HERO Dark Law to shut off their opponent’s Graveyards and banish cards from the opponent’s hand, but its 2400 ATK sometimes doesn’t cut it. Now these Decks have another DARK Masked HERO to Summon, and Anki’s 2800 ATK is much higher than Dark Law’s. Of course, you won’t be replacing Dark Law with Masked HERO Anki, it’s another option for you to Summon whenever you need a heavy hitter.

Masked HERO Anki is a great addition to both the Masked HERO Deck, and the suite of powerful Masked HEROs you can add to any Deck. If you’re playing a HERO Deck or just borrowing their power in another strategy, you’ll definitely want to get your hand on Masked HERO Anki once Premium Gold 2: Return of the Bling is released!