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Return of the Bling – New Floral Order

March 12th, 2015

Last week we revealed two new cards debuting in Return of the Bling: Akiza’s Rose Lover and Rose Paladin, both from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s manga. We talked about how useful both cards can be in the Sylvan strategy, and if that piqued your interested then we’ve got great news: some of the best Sylvan cards are making their Gold Rare debut in Return of the Bling!


Sylvan Sagequoia’s one of the best monsters in the Sylvan ranks: packing a powerful 2600 ATK, Sagequoia’s unique because you can Special Summon it from your hand when a Sylvan monster’s sent to the Graveyard. It works any time but the Damage Step: losing a Sylvan in battle won’t let you Special Summon, but any destruction effect like Raigeki or Mirror Force will. You can even Summon Sagequoia when you excavate a Sylvan and send it to the Graveyard

Since Sylvan Sagequoia’s Level 7, you can overlay it for a Rank 7 Xyz like Orea, the Sylvan High Arbiter or Number 11: Big Eye. You’ll also trigger a powerful effect when you excavate Sagequoia from your Deck: you can target a “Sylvan” Spell or Trap Card in your Graveyard, then add it to your hand. That ability lets you reuse some of your best cards.

You can send Rose Paladin from your hand to the Graveyard to search your deck for Sagequoia, then Special Summon Sagequoia with its ability. You can also Special Summon it in Defense Position with 2100 DEF just by making a successful attack with Paladin. If you need to Special Summon Sagequoia even faster, you can search it with Rose Paladin and then banish Rose Lover from your Graveyard.

How do you get Rose Lover to the Graveyard to begin with? Since the Sylvans constantly excavate cards by hunting the top of your Deck for Plant-Types , there’s a good chance you’ll send Rose Lover to the Graveyard without making any special plans. But if you draw Rose Lover instead, you can send it to the Graveyard for the effect of Mount Sylvania.

Mount Sylvania lets you send any Plant from your hand or field to the Graveyard to activate the signature Field Spell’s first effect. When it resolves, you choose a “Sylvan” card from your Deck and place it on top. Use that effect for Sylvan Sagequoia, and your next excavation will plant it right in your Graveyard.

That triggers Sylvan’s Sagequoia’s recycling ability, mulching it to the yard to get back a “Sylvan” Spell or Trap. Sylvan Blessing, Sylvan Waterslide, and extra Mount Sylvanias are all fair game, but the real goal is to recycle Sylvan Charity. It draws you three cards, then places two cards from your hand on top of your Deck, provided one of them is a “Sylvan” card.

Sylvan Charity offers draw power and combo opportunities set up more excavation tricks. Use it to find something like Sylvan Hermitree, and you can banish Rose Lover to Special Summon Hermitree, then use its effect to excavate your stacked Deck and trigger more effects. You’ll even get another draw with Hermitree’s ability.

Sylvan Charity’s a Gold Rare in Return Of The Bling too, so it’s pretty easy to put together a Sylvan Deck and try these combos yourself! Suddenly Sylvans are back in the fight; thanks to Premium Gold they’ve never looked better.