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Return of the Bling – An Unexpected Twist!

March 23rd, 2015

Today we’re looking at another of the brand new cards found in Premium Gold: Return of the Bling. If you’re looking for a new versatile card destroying option take a look at Parallel Twister!


Send 1 other Spell/Trap Card you control to the Graveyard, then target 1 card on the field; destroy it.

Parallel Twister draws parallels to cards like Tribute to the Doomed or Raigeki Break, but with a twist on their effects. While those cards will cost you a card from your hand, Parallel Twister costs you a card from your field.

To pay for Parallel Twister’s cost, you have to send another Spell/Trap Card to the Graveyard. You can use anything, but the best way to get mileage out of Parallel Twister is to send a card with another effect. If you send Blaze Accelerator Reload or Naturia Sacred Tree to the Graveyard, you’ll be able to use their effects in the Graveyard while also destroying a card. There are quite a few cards out there with bonus effects in the Graveyard, like Good & Evil in the Burning Abyss or Noble Arms – Excaliburn. My favorite way to use Parallel Twister would be to combine it with cards that have “drawbacks” and use it against the opponent – try putting Safe Zone on your opponent’s monster, then use Parallel Twister to take out two cards at once! Any time I find a new use for Safe Zone, I’m happy.

Parallel Twister is also a really great way to make use of Continuous Spell and Trap Cards you have no need of. The biggest culprits of this are Fiendish Chain and Call of the Haunted – unless the monsters tied to them are destroyed, these cards sit around on the field pointlessly. Since you’ll usually want to use the monster for a Synchro, Xyz, or Tribute Summon, this happens pretty frequently to Call of the Haunted, and the reverse is true with Fiendish Chain. With Parallel Twister, you can put your Trap Cards to use even after they’ve done their job. In this way, Parallel Twister is a lot like Magic Planter, but instead of giving yourself more options, you’re taking them from your opponent.

You can use this same idea to rid yourself of cards that aren’t helping anymore. For example, once you’ve used Vanity’s Emptiness to shut down your opponent’s turn, you may find that you want to Special Summon on your own turn. Vanity’s Emptiness is a pretty fragile card anyway, so you can use it with Parallel Twister before it destroys itself, and then you’re free to Special Summon as you like. If you are using some of the common Side Deck cards like Rivalry of Warlords, you’ve found how helpful it is to draw multiple copies – it’s not helpful at all. Parallel Twister puts those cards to work, by letting you bait your opponent with the first copy, then sending it to the Graveyard so the second can do it again.

By now, you’ve probably gotten your hands on some Premium Gold: Return of the Bling. If not, you’re missing out on a lot of new cards like Parallel Twister, as well as blinged out Gold Rare versions of many classic cards! What are you waiting for?