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World Superstars – Ancient Secrets

April 1st, 2015

The first Chronomaly monsters appeared way back in Return of the Duelist, and our team of archeologists has been hard at work to uncover more of these ancient artifacts ever since. Their newest finds appear in World Superstars !

This unassuming little circle is Chronomaly Nebra Disk, and it packs a wallop. Nebra Disk has two effects, and you can use one of them each turn. Its first effect is reminiscent of the Forbidden Elemental HERO Stratos – When you Normal Summon Nebra Disk, you can add any other Chronomaly card from your Deck to your hand! That’s monsters, spells, or traps: if it has Chronomaly in the name, it’s fair game!

Nebra Disk plays very well with the Chronomaly Crystal Skull + Chronomaly Crystal Bones combo. You can use Nebra Disk to grab Crystal Skull, then, since you control a “Chronomaly” monster, use Skull to get Crystal Bones to set up the rest of the play! That will have you primed for a Rank 3 Xyz Summon, like Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut.

Since Nebra Disk can get Spell Cards as well as monsters, you can use it with Chronomaly Pyramid Eye Tablet, giving yourself a 2600 ATK monster off a Normal Summon. You can also grab Chronomaly Technology, which will dig even further into your Deck. Finally, Nebra Disk can grab Chronomaly City Babylon, enabling all kinds of Xyz Summons and field rushing tactics. Getting Babylon is also a great idea since you’ll be wanting a monster to use with Nebra Disk’s second effect…

If searching were all Nebra Disk could do, it would be a pretty great card. What luck, then, that the ancients packed even more awesomeness into it! If you only control Chronomaly monsters (at least one), you can Special Summon Nebra Disk from the Graveyard in Defense Position! If want to do that, you’ll be limited to only activating Chronomaly cards and effects for the turn – a small price to pay if your whole Deck is Chronomalies!

With Nebra Disk reviving itself, it lends itself to a ton of great plays. One of the most common monsters you’ll pair with it is Chronomaly Golden Jet. If you start off with Chronomaly Golden Jet (Probably after you searched for it with Nebra Disk’s first effect, or Special Summoned it with Chronomaly City Babylon), then revive Nebra Disk, you can have Golden Jet increase their Levels for a Rank 5 Xyz Summon! This is a great way to get out Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech. If you don’t want a Rank 5, you can just pass on Golden Jet’s effect, and go for a Rank 4 Xyz Summon instead. Too bad Chronomalies don’t have a Rank 4 Xyz Monster of their own…

Until now, that is! Take a look at Number 36: Chronomaly Chateau Huyuk!

With some of the best Chronomaly effects, Nebra Disk and Chronomaly Technology, limiting your effects or Summons to Chronomalies, it’s pretty great to finally have a Rank 4 Xyz Monster! And it doesn’t just have the Chronomaly name for those situations – it’s also a great monster in its own right, with two useful effects.

The first effect allows you to detach an Xyz Material from Chateau Huyuk to reduce any opponent’s monster to 0 ATK for the turn. This is a Quick Effect, so it can be used offensively on your own turn or defensively on your opponent’s turn. This ties into Chateau Huyuk’s second effect (which we’ll get to in just a moment), as well as Machu Mech’s effect. With Chateau Huyuk and Machu Mech, you can easily dish out a ton of damage in a single turn. Between the damage dealt by Machu Mech, the buffed up attack from Machu Mech, and the extra 2000 damage from Huyuk’s attack, it’s realistic to think that you could win the game in one shot!

Chateau Huyuk’s second effect plays off its first very easily as well. You can Tribute any Chronomaly monster, then target an opponent’s monster whose ATK is different from their original ATK – that monster will be destroyed! You can use Nebra Disk as an easy Tribute, wiping out anything you’ve weakened with Chateau Huyuk, something hit by Forbidden Lance, or anything receiving an ATK boost. And remember, when you’re in a bind you can have Chateau Huyuk Tribute itself!

These new cards help to breathe new life into the Chronomaly strategy, giving it a ton of consistent options for searching and Xyz Summoning! Watch out for this awesome ancient technology in World Superstars!

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