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World Superstars – Extended Family

April 3rd, 2015

There are lots of great cards in World Superstars, but only a few of them are Gagaga-great. World Superstars makes Gagaga Decks more viable than ever before with the release of Gagaga Sister, Gagaga Mancer, and Gagaga Samurai!




Gagaga Sister is exactly what Gagaga Decks needed to improve their consistency. Gagaga Sister is a Level 2 DARK monster that lets you add 1 Gagaga Spell or Trap Card from your Deck to your hand when you Normal Summon it. That means you can use it to grab your most valuable Gagaga tricks, like Gagagabolt, Gagagadraw, Gagagarevenge, Gagaga Academy Emergency Network, Gagagaguard, and more!


Gagaga Sister’s second effect helps you Xyz Summon the monsters you need. Once per turn, you can target one other Gagaga monster you control and transform the Levels of Gagaga Sister and the targeted monster into the combined Levels of the 2 monsters. Since Gagaga Magician can transform its own Level to be between 1 and 8, controlling Gagaga Sister and Gagaga Magician at the same time will allow you to transform both of them into monsters of Level 3 through 10, opening up the door for a wide assortment of Xyz Summons.




It’s easy to control Gagaga Sister and Gagaga Magician at the same time. Just Normal Summon Gagaga Sister, use its effect to add Gagagarevenge to your hand, and then activate Gagagarevenge to Special Summon Gagaga Magician from your Graveyard. Then you’ll be all Set to Xyz Summon the monster of your choosing!


World Superstars also introduces a new Gagaga monster for all Duelists to Xyz Summon: Gagaga Samurai! Gagaga Samurai is a Rank 4 monster that you can Xyz Summon by combining any 2 Level 4 monsters.


Gagaga Samurai has 1900 ATK and lets you detach an Xyz Material from it to enable a Gagaga monster (including itself) to attack a second time during your Battle Phase. In addition, like any loyal Samurai, Gagaga Samurai protects his allies. When another monster you control is targeted for an attack while Gagaga Samurai is in Attack Position, you can change Gagaga Samurai into Defense Position and change the target of the attack to Gagaga Samurai.


You can easily Summon Gagaga Samurai in your Gagaga Deck with the new Gagaga Mancer. Gagaga Mancer is a Level 4 monster that lets you Special Summon another Gagaga monster from your Graveyard once per turn. You can’t Special Summon monsters other than Gagaga monsters for the rest of the turn after using Gagaga Mancer’s effect, making Gagaga Samurai the perfect monster to subsequently Special Summon. Special Summon a Level 4 Gagaga monster like Gagaga Magician from your Graveyard with Gagaga Mancer’s effect, and then combine your 2 monsters to Xyz Summon Gagaga Samurai.




Gagaga Mancer also has a second ability. If it’s detached from an Xyz Monster and sent to the Graveyard to activate that monster’s effect, you can increase the ATK of any Xyz Monster you control by 500 until the end of the turn. Detach Gagaga Mancer from Gagaga Samurai to activate your Samurai’s effect and allow your Samurai to attack twice with 2400 ATK each time – bigger than Blade Armor Ninja!


You can add Gagaga Sister, Gagaga Samurai, and Gagaga Mancer to your Gagaga Deck after the release of World Superstars on April 17th!

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