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World Superstars – The Future Looks Bright!

April 10th, 2015

World Superstars is only a week away from bringing a ton of new cards to the table. Ironic that a booster pack named Superstars will have the first monster to be printed without any stars! Let’s take a look at Yuma’s ultimate Number monster from the finale of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXALNumber F0: Utopic Future!


Xyz Monsters get their Ranks from the Levels of the monsters used to Summon them… but Number F0: Utopic Future is Summoned using 2 non-“Number” Xyz Monsters as it’s materials, so it doesn’t have any Rank Stars! We’ve seen Xyz Monsters that can use other Xyz Monsters as materials in the past, such as with Downerd Magician and Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger, but those have all been optional extra ways to Summon them – you could always Xyz Summon those monsters normally. Number F0: Utopic Future has only one way to be Xyz Summoned, and that’s with two Non-Number Xyz Monsters with the same Rank. Since it doesn’t have a regular Xyz Summon method, and its Xyz Materials can potentially have any Ranks, Utopic Future has no Rank stars of its own, but since that makes the game rules explode, Utopic Future is treated as having an original Rank of 1.

Utopic Future comes packing several self-preservation effects, which will be handy since it has 0 ATK and DEF. First off, it can’t be destroyed in battle, so your fears are quashed there. In fact, neither player can take battle damage when Utopic Future battles. In addition, you can detach an Xyz Material from Utopic Future to save it from being destroyed by a card effect. Basically, Utopic Future is sticking around.

So you’ve invested two Xyz Monsters to get yourself an indestructible monster with 0 ATK and DEF. What now? Well Utopic Future still has one effect left! Anything that Utopic Future battles will change its loyalties, coming to your side for the rest of the Battle Phase! Have Utopic Future attack your foe’s strongest monster, then command that monster to show you its moves… by demonstrating them on its former master! You’ll have to give the monster back at the end of the Battle Phase, but the damage will be done – besides, Utopic Future will most likely stick around to do it again on the next turn, and likely every turn after that since it can’t be destroyed by battle.

Plus, who’s to say you can’t activate Mask Change II or Enemy Controller during the Battle Phase to get more out of your borrowed monster? That’ll give you another monster to attack with, and your opponent won’t have seen it coming! With tricks like these, you could easily pull a win out of nowhere, much like Yuma!

If you’re looking for a way to combine your Xyz Monsters into an awesome new monster, Number F0: Utopic Future is what you’re looking for! World Superstars will bring Number F0 and all kinds of new cards for a variety of Decks, all on April 17th!

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