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Crossed Souls: The Shaddoll Alliance

May 7th, 2015

We’ve introduced you to the Zefra already, a group of Pendulum Monsters who’ve come together from other Deck themes from the last year in order to create an awesome new strategy. Of course, you don’t have to play a dedicated Zefra Deck to make the most of their abilities – you can combine the relevant monsters with your current Deck! Today we’re going to look at some ways you can combine the new Zefra monsters with your Shaddoll Deck and even form other Decks as well, and while we’re at it, we’ll also take a look at the new El-Shaddoll Fusion Monster you can use in this Deck!


One benefit of using various Zefra monsters in your Shaddoll Deck is that it gives you easy access to every Attribute of monster, making Fusion Summoning easy! Oracle of Zefra can function as essentially any Attribute by searching for the monster you need, and Shaddoll Fusion can pluck both Fusion Materials straight from your Deck. Remember that you can manipulate where your Zefras go based on where they are when you use them as Fusion Materials. As long as they’re not on the field they’ll go to the Graveyard, where you’ll be able to use the effects of your Zefra Shaddolls and Zefraxa, Flame Beast of the Nekroz. Speaking of Nekroz, you can even combine the Zefra, Shaddoll, and Nekroz all into one Deck!


The basic concept of the Zefra-Shaddoll-Nekroz Deck is simple: use the Zefra as easy access to Attributes you normally have trouble getting while using the Nekroz monsters to help you Ritual Summon as well. While Pendulum Summons are possible in this Deck they’re not what you’re aiming for. The Zefra are used to bridge the gap between your Shaddoll and Nekroz cards. Since there’s a lot going on in this strategy, you should make sure you only include the most powerful Shaddoll and Nekroz cards in your Deck.


Nekroz of Brionac can help to search for a Ritual Monster OR one your Zefra Nekroz, and Nekroz of Unicore can grab a Nekroz from your Graveyard. Use Nekroz of Valkyrus and Nekroz of Trishula as your heavy hitters, while claiming the effects of Shaddolls when you Tribute them for your Rituals and Fusion Summoning to keep your opponent off balance. Shaddoll Falco helps you to set up Fusion and Synchro Summons by giving you an additional monster to use. You can even use Falco and Shaddoll Zefracore to Synchro Summon Metaphys Horus and force your opponent to give you one of their monsters! As there are lots of cards you can use in your Deck and even more combinations of how to play them, there are far too many combos and plays to even describe in one article!


While your Main Deck is powered up by the new Zefra monsters, you can make your Extra Deck stronger with El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis! You’ll need a Shaddoll monster and a WATER monster to Fusion Summon Anoyatyllis, which is easy if you’re using both Shaddoll and Nekroz monsters! While Anoyatyllis is on the field, monsters can’t be Special Summoned from the hand or Graveyard by the effects of Spells or Traps. This completely shuts off all of the Ritual Spells used in standard Nekroz Decks, as well as cards like Call of the Haunted in Decks like ‘tellarknights! This isn’t much of a downside for you, since you’re already in a great spot if you have this 2700 ATK monster on the field. Just like the other El Shaddoll Fusions, you’ll get a Shaddoll Spell/Trap card back to your hand when Anoyatyllis is sent to the Graveyard, so you’ll be able to make even more Fusion Summons later on.

The Zefra monsters are great at bringing other strategies together. Even seemingly polar strategies like Shaddoll and Nekroz are able to be combined with the power of the Zefra! Crossed Souls encourages you to mix and match your cards into multiple types of Decks, and monsters like El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis will also reward you for combining these strategies together. The Zefra encourage you to get creative when it comes to Deck building, so make sure you try out lots of cool Deck ideas once Crossed Souls is released!

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