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Infernoids Unleashed!

June 8th, 2015

A while back we showed you two of the new “Infernoid” monsters from Crossed Souls – the Level 1 Infernoid Pirmais, and the Level 6 Infernoid Sjette. Today the gloves are off as we unleash the theme’s brand new boss monster, the massive Infernoid Devyaty!

With 2900 ATK and 2900 DEF, Infernoid Devyaty is second only to Infernoid Onuncu in sheer battle strength. You’ll banish three Infernoids to Special Summon it from your hand or Graveyard, and when you do you can destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field… except for “Void” cards. That means your opponent will lose everything they have, while you’ll keep cards like Void Expansion and Void Launch.

Like Onuncu, Devyaty controls the field with an ability that lets you Tribute a monster on either player’s turn, to negate the activation of a monster effect and then destroy the monster. That makes Infernoid Devyaty especially good with Void Expansion, since it can survive Devyaty’s destruction effect and then fuel your negation with Token Monsters.

The best part? Crossed Souls has multiple new “Void” cards to combo with Devyaty…

Void Vanishment’s
a powerful Continuous Spell that fuels your graveyard and strengthens your plays. Once per turn, it lets you discard to search your Deck for a “Void” Spell or Trap Card (anything but Null and Void or another Void Vanishment). You can pitch a card that just isn’t useful, or dump something like Sinister Serpent or Thunder Dragon – two monsters that make your discards practically free.

Or, use it to dump Infernoids you don’t need and fuel your Graveyard for Infernoid Special Summons, then get another card in the process. Void Seer’s an awesome choice – sort of a double Forbidden Lance for Infernoids – but you can also search Void Trap Hole, Void Launch, Void Expansion, or Eye of the Void. By making it easier to get to your “Void” cards, Void Vanishment makes them all more reliable and consistent. It also helps you make the most of Infernoid Devyaty, since Vanishment won’t be destroyed by its ability.

Even better, if you absolutely positively need to get a particular monster out of the game, you can send Void Vanishment to the Graveyard when one of your Infernoids battles another monster to banish both monsters.

And that’s not all! Void Purification’s a Continuous Trap with two different effects, which you can use once per turn.

-During each of your opponent’s Standby Phases: You can target 1 “Infernoid” monster in your Graveyard; add it to your hand.

-During each of your Standby Phases: You can target 1 of your banished “Infernoid” monsters; return it to the Graveyard.

The first effect lets you reuse Infernoids you can’t Special Summon from your Graveyard: the low-Level Infernoids like Infernoid Pirmais and Infernoid Harmadik. They all have specialized effects that are awesome to reuse.

The second effect can return monsters to your Graveyard that you can Special Summon; bigger Infernoids like Infernoid Onuncu and Infernoid Devyaty. Or, bring back Infernoids you banished as fodder before, and use them as fuel for further Special Summons.

By letting you reuse Infernoids you couldn’t before, and by fueling your Special Summons, Void Purification makes your Infernoid Deck stronger in two fundamental ways. It keeps you maneuverable and helps you outplay your opponent’s moves, and it’s searchable with Void Vanishment.

Infernoid Devyaty, Void Vanishment, and Void Purification all work together to clear your opponent’s backrow and keep you aggressive. Infernoid is a dangerous strategy that’s already seeing success around the world – don’t underestimate it in your own tournaments!

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