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Striking from the Darkness: Marik’s Juragedo

June 10th, 2015

Duelist Pack: Battle City launches on June 19th – a week from Friday – and will be legal for the WCQ events following its release, so here’s a sneak peek at one of its 5 new cards! Meet Juragedo, one of Marik’s Level 4 Fiend-Type monsters that you might just be seeing a lot of in the near future!SliceNDice

Juragedo has two abilities, both Quick Effects. During either player’s Battle Step, you can Special Summon Juragedo as a Quick Effect, and if you do, you’ll gain 1000 LP. Also as a Quick Effect during either player’s turn, you can Tribute Juragedo to target one of your monster’s and give it 1000 ATK until the end of the next turn.

Your first question might be, “What is the Battle Step, and when does it happen?” The Battle Phase is broken down into 4 Steps, which you can find on page 33 of the version 9.0 rulebook. When you enter the Battle Phase, you begin in the Start Step, where each player has the ability to use appropriate Trigger Effects and fast effects. Attacks cannot be declared yet. After both players are done using effects in the Start Step, you go to the Battle Step, which is where attacks are declared.

You always go to the Battle Step after the Start Step, even if you don’t control any monsters, just like you always have to go to Main Phase 2 after the Battle Phase even if you don’t want to. That means that even if you have no monsters on the field, you can still enter your Battle Phase, go to the Battle Step, and surprise your opponent with Juragedo!

Juragedo doesn’t just work as a surprise attacker, it also can be used as a surprise battle outcome changing effect. Consider a situation where you opponent controls one weak monster and one stronger monster, whereas you control only one monster whose ATK is in-between the two. One common scenario would be a case where your opponent controls Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands and Nekroz of Unicore, against one of the basic Satellarknights – Deneb, Altair, or Unulkalhai. Normally, your Battle Phase in this kind of situation would result in nothing gained, but with Juragedo, you’ll either clear both monsters while gaining 1000 LP, or force the use of Nekroz of Valkyrus while gaining 1000 LP and leaving yourself with 2 Level 4 monsters. If the Valkyrus is used against Juragedo, you can even fight through it by Tributing Juragedo in response!

Juragedo is a sneaky card with a large variety of uses, and the number of different things it can do will only increase as the summer rolls on! You can get your hands on it when Duelist Pack: Battle City launches on June 19th!