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The False Master: Arkana’s Anti-Magic Arrows and Legion the Fiend Jester

June 15th, 2015

As a self-proclaimed “Master of the Dark Magician”, Arkana conjured up a number of tricks to ensure that he could Summon his Dark Magicians reliably and without interference. Duelist Pack: Battle City marks the first-ever release of 2 cards from Arkana’s arsenal: Legion the Fiend Jester and Anti-Magic Arrows!


Legion the Fiend Jester gives you an extra Normal Summon to spend only on the Tribute Summon of 1 Spellcaster-Type monster in Attack Position. That means that if you can start your turn with a monster on the field, you can then Normal Summon Legion and immediately Tribute Summon your Dark Magician! What’s more, when Legion goes to the Graveyard you can add a Spellcaster-Type Normal Monster from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand to keep the Magicians coming. This is particularly useful if you’ve got cards like Ancient Rules in your Deck that let you Special Summon straight from your hand.

While Legion is more focused on helping you to Summon your ace monster in the first place, Anti-Magic Arrows is a Spell Card that helps you to ensure that your monster is Summoned successfully, or that you can attack without fear. At the start of the Battle Phase, you can activate Anti-Magic Arrows to prevent any other Spell/Trap Card or effect from being used for the rest of the turn, including in response to the Arrows! In fact, nothing can be used in response to Anti-Magic Arrows.

The most obvious use for Anti-Magic Arrows is to make sure your attacks will go through successfully, but they also give you the option to trade being able to attack with your freshly Summoned monsters for the ability to Summon them safely in Main Phase 2 without fear of Trap Cards. Will you risk your opponent’s Traps for a chance to attack safely with a ton of monsters, or will you forgo the extra attacks to ensure your Summons are successful? The choice is yours and yours alone when you add Anti-Magic Arrows to your Deck.

These two cards are part of Duelist Pack: Battle City, which launches this Friday, June 19th!