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Crossed Souls Advance Edition launches this Friday!

June 30th, 2015

Over the past weekend you got a glimpse of the future when Pegasus himself played cards from the upcoming Dragons of Legend 2 and Clash of Rebellions booster sets! We’ll talk more about all the cool new Toon cards from Dragons of Legend 2 throughout the week, but right now, it’s time to reveal the two cards from August’s Clash of Rebellions that will travel back in time to this Friday when Crossed Souls Advance Edition hits the shelves!

Return of the Red-Eyes heralds a new age of Red-Eyes B. Dragon strategies! It’s a Continuous Trap that lets you Special Summon back a Normal Monster from your Graveyard during each player’s turn as long as you control a fully grown “Red-Eyes” monster (so, no Red-Eyes B. Chick).


While it shares the “Trap that Summons from the Graveyard” niche with Call of the Haunted and even Oasis of Dragon Souls, both of those cards provide one Special Summon, one time, and make the monster Summoned vulnerable to Spell/Trap removal because of its connection with Call/Oasis. Not only does Return of the Red-Eyes work once during every single turn, it’s not connected to the monsters it Summons at all and in the event it’s destroyed, it lets you Summon any fully grown “Red-Eyes” monster from your Graveyard!

Filling the Pendulum Zones and protecting your Pendulum cards while preventing your opponent from doing the same is becoming a big part of Dueling, and the other future card from Crossed Souls Advance Edition will help you do just that!

Wavering Eyes is a Quick-Play Spell Card that destroys every card in a Pendulum Zone and then gives you additional benefits depending on how many cards were destroyed.

At minimum, you’ll be destroying 1 card an inflicting 500 damage to your opponent. If 2 Pendulum Cards are destroyed, you also get to add a Pendulum Monster Card from your Deck to your hand. That means that cleaning up both of your opponent’s Pendulum Zones gets you halfway to filling your own! If you’re willing to give up one of your own Pendulum Cards, you’ll also get to banish any 1 card on the field, and if you completely clear all 4 Pendulum Zones, you get to add another copy of Wavering Eyes from your Deck to your hand on top of everything else!

This is a great card for Decks that play a lot of different Pendulum Monsters, like Zefra Decks and other Zefra-powered Decks, but you can even use it in Qliphorts to speed things along even further. And don’t forget, both Wavering Eyes and Return of the Red-Eyes will become legal as soon as Crossed Souls Advance Edition is released!

Crossed Souls Advance Edition launches on Friday, July 3rd!