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The Great Toon Offensive!

July 1st, 2015

Last time around we introduced Toon Kingdom, a powerful new version of Toon World. We talked about how Toon Kingdom protects your Toon monsters and lets you use special effects, and we said that protecting Toon Kingdom helps keep your Toons around so you can make Duel-winning attacks. We noted a few ways to protect it, and also said that the faster you win, the less you have to worry about keeping Toon Kingdom on the field.

So, how do you amp up the pressure and win with Toons fast? Starting with the right Toons is the first part of the puzzle.

Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
is a 3000 ATK behemoth that you can Special Summon by Tributing 2 monsters while you control Toon World. Once Blue-Eyes starts attacking it makes direct swings for 3000 Battle Damage a turn. Like many Toons, you can Special Summon it just by Tributing two of the four Sheep Tokens you Summon with Scapegoat.

Toon Cannon Soldier loves Scapegoat too, since its effect lets you Tribute monsters for 500 damage a piece. Combined with its 1400 ATK, one Toon Cannon Soldier plus Scapegoat can dish out 3900 damage in a single turn – 1400 Battle Damage with an attack, and 2500 more with Toon Cannon’s effect.

Toon Ancient Gear Golem debuts in Dragons of Legend 2. You’ll have to Tribute Summon it with a Normal Tribute Summon – no Scapegoat tricks here – but when it attacks, your opponent can’t activate any Spell or Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. It can also attack a Defense Position monster to deal piercing battle damage, just in case you’d rather destroy a monster instead of making a direct attack.

Note that Toon Mermaid can be Special Summoned without Tribute, making cheap attacks or easy Rank 4 Xyz. Toon Dark Magician Girl can attack the turn you Summon it too, making it unique amongst the “Toon” Effect Monsters. Here are three new cards that can help you win faster…

If you control Toon World or Toon Kingdom, Shadow Toon lets you target one of your opponent’s face-up monsters and deal damage equal to its ATK. It’s a straight burn effect that easily deals 2000 damage or more, bringing your opponent into a two-turn danger zone with Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon or Toon Ancient Gear Golem. You can only activate one Shadow Toon per turn and likely never want to actually draw doubles, but because you can search it with Toon Table of Contents, it’s easy to access when you need it.

Toon Rollback can bring that win clock down to just one turn: it lets one of your Toons make a second attack in each Battle Phase for one turn. Suddenly Shadow Toon plus Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon or Toon Ancient Gear Golem wins the game.

If that’s not enough, you can equip Comic Hand to an opposing monster if you control Toon World or Toon Kingdom. Comic Hand is a lot like Snatch Steal: you take control of the equipped monster. But it also twists that monster into a Toon: it’s treated as a Toon monster, and if your opponent controls no Toons that monster can make direct attacks. If you don’t control Toon World or Toon Kingdom then Comic Hand will be destroyed, but you’ll often win the turn you activate it anyways.

The Toon Deck generally wins in three moves: a big Toon attack, a Toon Cannon Soldier combo, Shadow Toon, or Comic Hand… make any combo of those plays three times and you’ll usually score the 8000 damage you need. If your opponent can destroy your Toon Kingdom you’ll lose a lot of cards, but it only has to survive for a couple turns for you to chalk up a victory that would make Pegasus proud! Toons get some awesome new defensive cards in Dragons of Legend 2 as well, so check back tomorrow as we finish up our look at the new wackiness.