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The Great Toon Defensive!

July 7th, 2015

Since long before Dragons of Legend 2, Toons have been all about aggression. Now, three new cards help you protect your Toons and yourself, on top of the anti-destruction effect of Toon Kingdom.

You can only activate Mimicat if you control Toon World or Toon Kingdom, as well as a “Toon” monster, but its effect is huge: you can target any one card in your opponent’s Graveyard and Special Summon it if it’s a monster, or Set it to your side of the field if it’s a Spell or Trap Card. You can only activate one Mimicat per turn, but think about everything it can do:

-If you need an attacker or a blocker, Special Summon any monster you want – it’s like Monster Reborn for your opponent’s Graveyard and you can play three.

-If you need defense, grab a Trap Card.

-If you need backrow removal, get something like Mystical Space Typhoon.

-Opponent nailed you with Raigeki? Take it and hit them back! Grab whatever crazy power-card you want.

-You can even take something just to deprive your opponent of a card that’s useful in the Graveyard: grab a Nekroz Ritual Spell to keep your opponent from searching another one; steal a Burning Abyss card so your opponent can’t get it back with Dante; or stop Shaddolls from reusing a Shaddoll Fusion Spell.

The longer the duel goes and the more cards your opponent sends to the Graveyard, the stronger Mimicat gets. It can be a stunning game-ender after just a few turns.

Toon Kingdom’s
a huge defensive wall for Toons, letting throw down a Toon in Defense Position and block as many attacks as you have cards in your Deck. But Toon Briefcase is another powerful option, and it works nicely with Mimicat: when your opponent makes one or more Summons and you control a “Toon” monster, you can flip Toon Briefcase to return the Summoned monsters to their Deck.

That won’t stop Trigger Effects that activate right when a monster’s Summoned like Nekroz of Trishula, but it can eliminate virtually any monster, even Xyz Monsters or Fusion Monsters. And since the monster goes back to your opponent’s Deck instead of hitting the graveyard, the effects of cards like the Burning Abyss Malebranche and Shaddoll Fusion Monsters will never trigger. It’s an amazing answer to Pendulum Summons too; you can send all of your opponent’s Qliphorts back to their Main Deck instead of their Extra Deck, keeping them from Summoning them again.

Finally, if you control Toon World or Toon Kingdom, you can activate Toon Mask. It targets 1 of your opponent’s face-up monsters, then Special Summons a Toon from your hand or Deck with an equal or lower Level. (If you target an Xyz Monster, you use the Rank of the targeted Xyz instead.) You ignore the Summoning conditions of whatever you Summon, and if you resolve Toon Mask on your opponent’s turn, then whatever you Summon can attack by the time your next turn rolls around. Toon Mask can block attacks or set up game-winning maneuvers. Sometimes it can do both in one activation.

Toon fans get three new defensive cards in Dragons of Legend 2, and two of them can even be used to Special Summon more attackers and help you win the Duel! Try them out in your own Toon Deck once Dragons of Legend 2 arrives on July 17th.