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Red Skull Army

September 1st, 2015

Clash of Rebellions is totally rejuvenating the Red-Eyes monster lineup! Like when Joey fused his Red-Eyes B. Dragon with Yugi’s Summoned Skull to play B. Skull Dragon, the new Red-Eyes strategy combines Dragons and Archfiends for a fearsome combo! This article’s focus will be on the new Archfiends in Clash of Rebellions – if you’d like to read about the new Red-Eyes Dragons, head over here!


Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning is a new twist on the original Summoned Skull, now making it officially a Red-Eyes monster! Since it’s a Gemini Monster, it starts off in most respects to be exactly like the original – a Normal Monster while on the field or in the Graveyard with the same ATK and DEF as Summoned Skull. Once you Normal Summon it again, its Gemini Effect kicks in! Once every turn, you can have Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning wipe out every monster on the field with DEF lower than your Archfiend’s ATK! With 2500 ATK, Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning can easily wipe out entire fields of monsters. Power it up with Black Metal Dragon, and you’ll get even more destruction!

As a Red-Eyes and an Archfiend, Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning has a lot of cards to help put it to use in your Deck. You can Special Summon straight from the Deck with The Black Stone of Legend and Paladin of Dark Dragon, or from the Graveyard with Return of the Red-Eyes, Red-Eyes Spirit, and Archfiend’s Roar. Since it’s also a Gemini monster, it will also work with many of the Normal Monster cards you may have already been using , like Swing of Memories, Supervise, or Silver’s Cry! All of these cards perform a Special Summon (or switch your Gemini effect on in the case of Supervise), so your Normal Summon is free if you want to immediately use Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning’s effect the same turn.

Behold the successor to B. Skull Dragon, the mighty Archfiend Black Skull Dragon! This is a straight upgrade to the original B. Skull Dragon, keeping all its great assets (Super high ATK, great Type and Attribute), and adding some incredible effects! Plus, it’s even easier to Summon!

The Fusion Materials for Archfiend Black Skull Dragon are two Normal Monsters – one must be a Red-Eyes, and the other a Level 6 Archfiend. You can Fusion Summon Archfiend Black Skull Dragon with Summoned Skull and Red-Eyes B. Dragon, just like the old B. Skull Dragon, or you can substitute Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning as either of the Fusion Materials if it’s currently treated as a Normal Monster.

Archfiend Black Skull Dragon has two effects that make it incredibly powerful. If it’s attacking or on the receiving end of an attack, your opponent won’t be able to activate any cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step! With 3200 ATK and such a powerful protective effect, your opponent will be hard pressed to take out your Archfiend Dragon.

With its second effect, Archfiend Black Skull Dragon has a built-in Inferno Fire Blast! If it successfully attacks, at the end of the Battle Phase you can target any Red-Eyes Normal Monster in your Graveyard. You’ll blast your opponent with damage equal to that monster’s ATK, then return the monster to the Deck. You can Fusion Summon Archfiend Black Skull Dragon and attack, then return the same Fusion Material back to the Deck for massive damage! A direct attack from Archfiend Black Skull Dragon can easily end a Duel thanks to this effect. The only catch is that you won’t get to use this effect if it wasn’t Fusion Summoned – sorry, no shenanigans with Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

Luckily, it’s easy to Summon Archfiend Black Skull Dragon with just a single card: Red-Eyes Fusion!


Red-Eyes Fusion can Fusion Summon any monster that requires a Red-Eyes as the Fusion Material – that comes to B. Skull Dragon, Meteor B. Dragon, and Archfiend Black Skull Dragon. The Fusion Materials can come from your hand, your side of the field, or even your Deck! Once you Summon the monster, its name will also be changed to Red-Eyes B. Dragon, making it compatible with your Inferno Fire Blast so you don’t even need to make another attack with it. Just remember that you can’t Normal or Special Summon anything else the turn you play Red-Eyes Fusion – getting a free Archfiend Black Skull Dragon isn’t all fun and games!

With all these new Red-Eyes cards in Dragons of Legend 2 and Clash of Rebellions, we are on the verge of a Red-Eyes revolution!