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So Fast, it Arrived 2 Months Early

September 9th, 2015

Level 6 Synchro Monsters have always been very powerful, but not very plentiful. They particularly excel at getting rid of enemy monsters. In fact, there’s kind of a pile-up in that department. You’ve got your Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier that maintains its Forbidden status to this day, Goyo Guardian which has made its return from the Forbidden Realm, and then things like Orient Dragon, Metaphys Horus, HTS Psyhemuth, and Vulcan the Divine. A rarer sort of Level 6 Synchro excels either only in or only against certain strategies, like Naturia Barkion or Psychic Nightmare. Today’s monster showcases a new sort of Level 6 Synchro Monster, something that we’ve never really seen on before!Need4MoreSpeedroids

Hi-Speedroid Kendama from Clash of Rebellions is a Level 6 WIND Machine-Type Synchro Monster. Its Summoning requirements are easy, since you can use any Tuner plus 1 or more non-Tuners to Summon it. With 2200 ATK it doesn’t quite size up to the likes of Goyo Guardian and Metaphys Horus, but it does a wide variety of different things without requiring any specific Material commitments. Hi-Speedroid Kendama deals piercing battle damage when attacking Defense Position monsters. This is a nice way to squeeze in some bonus damage when you may not need a giant monster to clear the field. Kendama’s second effect lets you push for even more damage: you can banish a Machine-type monster from your Graveyard and deal 500 damage to your opponent once per turn! It’s difficult to use this outside of a Machine-based strategy, but it’ll become easier when the calendar rolls around to October and more “Speedroid” monsters make their debut in High-Speed Riders.

Hi-Speedroid Kendama’s final effect is likely the real reason you’ll end up using it in your Deck, as it’s easily the most powerful effect. If you control no cards and Kendama is in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon it! You’ll give up your Normal Summon for the turn, but Summoning a 2200 ATK monster for free is well worth it. The best thing about this effect is that aren’t any strings attached. Kendama won’t banish itself when it leaves the field, and more importantly, you’re not restricted from other Special Summons. As long as you control no cards when you want to bring it back, you can Summon it back to the field each turn before you play your other cards, which guarantees you’ll always have a strong monster in play.

Since it has no special requirements for its Summon, you can use Hi-Speedroid Kendama in any Deck you like! If you want to deal bonus damage with its effect you’ll need to play it in a Machine-based Deck, but in terms of being a 2200 ATK, piercing, reusable monster, it’s a great fit for any Extra Deck. We’ve already seen Kozmo Duelists using it as a way to banish their high-Level Kozmo spaceships from the Graveyard to recover after being hit by something like Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, and there’s sure to be more hidden applications to discover as we get closer to the release of High-Speed Riders!

Hi-Speedroid Kendama gives you even more options for Level 6 slots in your Extra Deck. If you want to be able to re-Summon the same monster over and over while dealing lots of damage at the same time, you’ll definitely want to check out Hi-Speedroid Kendama in Clash of Rebellions!