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Close Quarters Combat

October 15th, 2015

“Lightsword” is a common spell used in battles between witches when flashy, explosive magic is inelegant or impractical.

Unlike most spells that use the witch’s wand as a medium for the casting only, “Lightsword” uses it as the focus of the spell itself, creating a “blade” that can cut through anything but another instance of the “Lightsword” spell.


One wand can only be used to cast one spell at a time, so other magic can’t be used while “Lightsword” is active. This had led some witches to carry multiple wands as a means of using simple mobility spells while maintaining “Lightsword”. Particularly powerful witches have been known to be able to maintain two instances of “Lightsword” at the same time, provided they also carried two wands. In one case, a witch was found to be carrying four wands, one strapped to each arm and each leg. She promptly vanished and hasn’t been seen since.

Rumors persist of a young farmhand, an unparalleled mechanical genius, who managed to create a working “Lightsword” equivalent out of currently existing technology, but we can neither confirm nor deny these rumors at this time.

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