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Dimension of Chaos: Blazing a Trail to Your Opponent’s LP

October 22nd, 2015

Today’s Dimension of Chaos preview card is the fifth variant of the most famous Trap Card in all of Dueling – the classic Mirror Force! This time, it’s a high risk, high reward way of punishing your opponent’s attack. Take a look at Blazing Mirror Force!


Like every other variant of Mirror Force, you can activate Blazing Mirror Force when your opponent declares an attack. Blazing Mirror Force will then destroy as many of your opponent’s Attack Position monsters as possible!

Now this is where the “blazing” part comes in. Add up the ATK of all your opponent’s destroyed monsters. You’ll take half of that amount as damage, then your opponent will too! In other words, this card is like a combination of Mirror Force and Ring of Destruction.

By destroying just one monster, you should be dealing anywhere from 800 to 1500 damage on average. As your opponent fills their field more and more, you’ll start to dish out some pretty crazy amounts of pain.

You’ll notice that, other than the burn damage, Blazing Mirror Force works exactly the same as the original Mirror Force. That’s great news, because you’ll be able to easily use Blazing Mirror Force in the place of Mirror Force in any Deck if you want. Just swap one for the other, or use both, if you think the added damage of Blazing Mirror Force will benefit your strategy.

If you’re using cards like Solemn Warning to deplete your Life Points, you might want to steer clear of Blazing Mirror Force or risk knocking yourself out. Other than that, any Deck that has trouble closing out a game could use Blazing Mirror Force to get the job done. You could also use it in Decks that have good defensive capabilities already, since you probably have Life Points to spare.

If you’re using Blazing Mirror Force, be careful activating it at low Life Points. Remember, if your Life Points hit 0 in the middle of resolving an effect, you’ll lose immediately. Since Blazing Mirror Force deals damage to you first, you will go down before doing any damage to your opponent. Thus, Blazing Mirror Force can’t be used to force a draw in the Duel.

Blazing Mirror Force joins a long line of awesome Mirror Force Trap Cards in Dimension of Chaos. You can get your own at a DOCS Sneak Peek, starting October 31st!

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