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Resistance is Useless

November 12th, 2015

Dimension of Chaos has a lot of high-profile monsters, but lurking underneath the Kozmo ships, Kaiju, and Majespecter monsters lies something much more sinister. Governed by a base need to consume any being stronger than themselves, these monsters will take control of every powerful monster your opponent plays and use it against them!

The main draw of the Graydle monsters is their awesome mind control powers. Whenever they’re destroyed by battle or by a specific type of card effect while in a Monster Zone, which differs with each Graydle, they’ll equip themselves to an opponent’s monster and bring it under your control! Graydle Alligator triggers off of Spell effects, Graydle Cobra will equip when destroyed by a Trap effect, and Graydle Eagle will equip after being destroyed by a monster effect. You can attack with your Graydles to actively steal a monster, or to save your LP you can Set them and wait for your opponent to walk into your trap.


The best part about Graydles is that once you’ve stolen the monster, there’s no getting it back for your opponent. If they remove your Graydle from the field in any way, it will destroy the equipped monster immediately! This gives you the ability to systematically remove all your opponent’s best monsters from their field, and use them to clear your opponent’s other monsters! There’s also Graydle Slime, which can destroy 2 of your” Graydle” cards and Special Summon itself from your hand or Graveyard, then Summon another “Graydle” monster from your Graveyard. Since Graydle Slime is a Tuner Monster, you can Set up for an easy Synchro Summon this way, as well as stealing an opponent’s monster if you chose to destroy your Graydle Eagle! Since Slime is a Level 5 monster and the other Graydles are Level 3, you can Synchro Summon Level 8 monsters easily, like the mighty Graydle Dragon!

Graydle Dragon
has 3000 ATK, and needs an Aqua-type Tuner Monster to be Synchro Summoned. On top of being a heavy hitting Level 8 monster that sizes up well against Scrap Dragon and Stardust Spark Dragon, it’ll also ruin your opponent’s field by destroying a number of their cards up to the number of WATER monsters used for its Summon! In a Graydle Deck, that will typically be 2 cards, which is a huge swing on top of Summoning a 3000 ATK monster. This allows you to take care of pesky Spells and Traps, cards your Graydles can’t steal. If your Graydle Dragon is destroyed, fear not – it’ll Special Summon any other WATER monster in your Graveyard (with its effects negated)! This gives you another Graydle that you can use to steal more enemy monsters, or it can even Summon a second copy of itself! You can only use this effect once per turn though, so you can’t just Summon Graydle Dragons forever. Nevertheless, Graydle Dragon will make a huge impact whenever you Synchro Summon it. Speaking of impacts, there are 3 “Graydle” Spell/Trap Cards you can play!


Graydle Impact is our first appropriately-named card. This card has 2 effects, and you can use one of them once per turn. The first effect allows you to destroy both a “Graydle” card and any opponent’s card! At worst, this is Scrap Dragon in Spell form, simplifying the board and removing choice threats from your opponent’s field. Use it with Graydle Alligator, and you’ll get to steal a monster for your trouble! The second effect of Graydle Impact lets you get any “Graydle” card from your Deck during the End Phase. If you don’t want to lose your Graydles, you can instead play a little more defensively and build up your resources before striking.

Graydle Parasite enables you to steal opponent’s monsters very effectively, Special Summoning Graydles from your Deck when your opponent attacks directly, and Special Summoning monsters from your opponent’s Graveyard when you attack your opponent directly with a “Graydle” monster! Since your Graydle is likely weaker than their monster, you can let your monster be destroyed and then steal the opponent’s monster easily.

Graydle Split equips to any monster you control, giving it 500 ATK. But you can also use its ability to send itself to the Graveyard to destroy the equipped monster and Summon 2 “Graydle” monsters from your Deck! This gives you an easy opportunity to set up for a Synchro Summon, and since your monsters Summoned by Split will be destroyed during the End Phase it’s a really good option. You can even Summon a Graydle Cobra to have it be destroyed so that you can steal an opponent’s monster!

The Graydles have arrived, and they’re ready to use all of your opponent’s monsters against them. With a few cool tricks, and a total powerhouse in the form of Graydle Dragon, the Graydles are set to become a menace to whatever monsters your opponent plays. Make sure to keep an eye out for Graydles now that Dimension of Chaos is here, because they’re going to make a big impact – a Graydle Impact!

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